How do you offer such value for money


So you’ve either heard from a friend or discovered for yourself that we offer the best quality training for the best price, and having shopped around you’re wondering how we can offer such value for money.

We’ve delivered personal training and fitness courses for 17 years, and in that time we’ve trained thousands of people – we trained over 3000 people last year alone. We’re grateful that many of our students go on to enrol on other courses with us and that they recommend us to their friends, family and colleagues. It allows us to spend less on advertising.

All of our courses are recognised by REPs and accredited by various awarding organisations around the world. Unlike some course providers who pay other companies to use their course content, we don’t have to because we own all of the course content we deliver.

Some training providers also have to pay other companies to use their eLearning platforms. We don’t. We own the eLearning system we use. Technology is in our DNA and as mentioned in our course delivery FAQ, we were the first to introduce online study to the UK fitness industry. With its videos, animations and podcasts, our online course material makes studying at home on your PC, Mac or laptop so much more enjoyable than reading page after page of a text book in a classroom. We also provide our online course material via our app through which you can study on your mobile or tablet when you’re out and about*. We’re the only training provider that offers a study app. And not only does our online course material reduce the time you need to spend in a classroom, it also links directly to our in-office administration system which is automatically updated as you progress through certain parts of your course. So while our use of technology makes for an enjoyable and convenient learning experience with us, it also allows us to reduce our costs on things like venue hire and administration.

We pass all of these cost savings on to you in the way of lower prices.

And our quest to make our courses more affordable doesn’t stop at the price. We were the first fitness course provider in the UK to offer our customers payment plans, so check out our payment options FAQ to see our payment plan options and to learn more about the prompt payment discount we offer.

If you have any questions about the course you're interested in, please email Enrolments or call 02072929140 option 1.

*Compatible with Apple iOS 8.1 and above and Android Jellybean (4.2.2) and above. Devices, manufacturers and operating systems are subject to change.