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Learner support is our primary concern, whether you are on a full time, part time or distance course. We want your learning experience to be rich and rewarding, which is why we offer additional resources to help you complete your studies.

Our resources are available to anyone studying a personal training course, including those studying with other providers. To gain access to any of the following, contact us on 02072929140.

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Manage all aspects of your study with our award winning learning management system. View course content, manage assessment and training day bookings, book into eClasses and view our exercise library.

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Optional eClasses

Exam Preparation

Every week we conduct exam preparation eClasses on which a tutor will take your through key aspects in the course material relating closely to the content covered in the theory exam papers for both level 2 Gym Instructor and level 3 personal training.

The level 2 Gym Instructor Anatomy & Physiology eClasses cover key areas such as; bones, joints, cardio-respiratory system, muscular system etc.

We run two Level 3 Personal Training eClasses. One covers the Anatomy & Physiology theory assessment and the other covers the Nutrition theory assessment.

Study on PC, Mac or Mobile

You can access all your course material and optional extras on PC, Mac or mobile device. Take your study with you.

Personal training exercise library

Free Exercise Library

Access to our catalogue of exercise videos

Over 200 Videos

Our exercise library contains over 200 videos of different exercises and elements of the course, specifically focussing on key stretches and resistance training exercises. The videos are categorised into sections to make it easy to find what you are looking for. For example, ‘core-stability ball’ and ‘dynamic stretching’ etc.

Richard Scrivener has designed all the videos to show regression and progression too, allowing you to plan sessions with beginner, intermediate and advanced gym users.

Access your course 24/7

You’ll have complete access to all your course material 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Optional Training Day PT Course

Optional Training Days

For distance study learners

Level 2 & 3

If you’re on either the gym instructor or personal trainer distance study option, you can choose to enrol and book onto an optional training day. These can be used to replace the 20 practicum hour requirements in the gym instructor course.

The training days are practical focussed and cover key aspects of the Level 2 Gym Instructor and Level 3 Personal Trainer practical assessment components. You’ll have the opportunity to practice delivering sessions and working with clients and can ask our tutors questions, whilst working with other distance learners on the course.

Venues nation-wide

We hold assessment and training days in venues all over the UK. Check out our list of venues here.

Personal Training workbook

Free Learner Workbook

Download the workbook for study help, exam practice and guidance

Gym Instructor & Personal Trainer

In addition to all the online course content, you’ll have access to the Gym Instrutor & Personal Trainer workbooks which you complete alongside the online material and Learner Achievement Portfolio (LAP). These workbooks contain links to the online presentations and LAPs as well as practice revision questions and tasks.

You may download and print the workbook from within your online course material or purchase a printed copy at any time.

Comprehensive fitness content

Our course content is only availble at TRAINFITNESS. It is written by personal training experts who collectively have over a hundred years of experience.

Personal training blogs

Fitness Articles

Make use of our articles to help you and your personal training studies

Up-to-date Research

Embedded throughout the online material are links to and excerpts from fitness, nutrition, exercise and workout articles relating to your new career. As well as being an additional resource, which offer extended information and studies for wider reading, they help you build a library of information which you can share with your clients.