eTeacher PRO Course & Learning Management System

TRAINFITNESS devlops & uses the eTeacher PRO LMS to deliver the best learning experience for its students.

eTeacher PRO

TRAINFITNESS, formerly Fitness Industry Education (FIE), was the first training provider within the UK to offer online courses, building the first version of its Learning Management System (LMS) in 2000. This included thousands of static HTML pages all linked together. At the time, the internet was much slower however its future was clear.

The Growing Internet

As the power of the internet grew and users were able to download more content faster, FIE continued to develop its LMS and in 2006 launched eTeacher PRO. This new version allowed for greater tracking of the learner journey through the fitness courses offered by FIE. eTeacher PRO also allowed for the entire system to be rebranded thus allowing other training providers access to the systems and content developed for the delivery of personal training courses.

The Latest Technology

Over the years, new version of the LMS have been developed using the latest technologies as and when they become available. When Fitness Industry Education rebranded to TRAINFITNESS in November of 2015, the eTeacher PRO white-label system meant the transition from the learners’ point of view was seamless.

In 2014, the eTeacher PRO system included a mobile application (app) which allowed students to study their course anywhere.

The Future of Fitness Courses

As technology continues to evolve, so will the eTeacher PRO LMS and the TRAINFITNESS offering. The aim of both eTeacher PRO and TRAINFITNESS is to allow more people greater access to learning in order to enhance careers.

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