fitness fx Becomes TRAINFITNESS

Read about the evolution of fitness fx to TRAINFITNESS

fitness fx

fitness fx Limited (fx) was founded in 2003 as a subsidiary of Fitness Industry Education (FIE). The company’s main product range was group exercise to music programmes which included videos, notes and music for group exercise instructors.

Fitness Programming

The fx range of fitness training programmes initially included:

  • pump fx – a weighted workout
  • stomp fx – a workout which uses a step
  • groove fx – a danced based workout programme
  • fight fx – a mixed martial arts programme
  • blast fx – metabolic bodyweight conditioning

Programmes for Personal Trainers

As new research into training methodologies gave the industry greater insight into the benefits of particular types of training, fx developed a further range of programmes designed for personal trainers as well as group exercise instructors. This new range of programmes called T3 including:

  • T3 pump – a weighted workout
  • T3 blast – high intensity workout using bodyweight exercises
  • T3 fight –another high intensity workout using mixed martial arts exercises
  • T3 swing – a kettlebell workout
  • T3 shred – high intensity workout using a variety of small equipment
  • T3 sprint – a sports conditioning workout using the training methods practiced by 100-meter sprint champion, Dwain Chambers

Integration into Personal Training Courses

Based on feedback from personal trainers and instructors completing T3 training, the T3 programmes were tightly integrated into the personal training courses offered by Fitness Industry Education. The group exercise fx programmes were also integrated into the group exercise to music courses.

fitness fx Become TRAINFITNESS

This integration of programming into FIE’s courses as well as the international growth being experienced by the company resulted in the creation of a single brand – TRAINFITNESS. TRAINFITNESS aims to become a single one stop shop for both those wishing to start a career in the fitness industry and those whose wish to expand their skill set as personal trainers and group exercise instructors.