Fitness Industry Education Becomes TRAINFITNESS

Read about the evolution of Fitness Industry Education to TRAINFITNESS


Fitness Industry Education (FIE) has experienced tremendous growth since its inception in 2000. Through continuous investment in development of fitness industry entry level courses, personal training courses and continuing professional development courses, FIE’s offering became one of the most extensive offerings for fitness professionals in the UK.

Multiple Fitness Brands

The FIE group of companies included:

Each brand offered a different product range for fitness professionals within the industry. Some products were more for group exercise instructors, some for qualified professionals and others for those wishing to get into the industry. This separation of products by brand initially seemed to be best suited for the market.

International Growth

In recent years, all brands have gained traction in international markets. The need for separate branding became less of a business requirement in these new markets.


In 2014 the decision to merge all brands was made. The aim was to create a single brand under which all our products could be marketed internationally. Throughout 2014 and 2015 this plan was set in motion and in November 2015 we saw the launch of the TRAINFITNESS brand.