Meet the Team

Meet our team of dedicated professionals here to help you complete your course, attain your qualifications and have a successful career in the fitness industry.

Paul McKenzie Course Tutor
Paul McKenzie

Course Tutor

I have been in the health and fitness industry for close to thirty years, teaching in a number of well respected clubs in London as well as training a range of established actors and singers. As a Sports Therapist I have worked with several amateur sports clubs, assisting with their injury and rehabilitation needs and I work closely with an amateur football team with their pre-season fitness. My involvement in the Martial Arts spans 36 years and I hold black belts in Kung Fu and Karate. I am also a former Kung Fu World Champion and National Karate Team Champion member.

Alan Morton
Alan Morton

Course Tutor

I have been active in the Health and Fitness Industry for more than 15 years. I come from a sporting background and have played many different sports from recreational to national level. I have always had an interest in sport and fitness and studied this at university. I have enjoyed many years as a personal trainer/coach and many other roles within the fitness industry. With my role now as a tutor I get to combine my coaching skills with the knowledge learned from many years of experience as a personal trainer and get to pass this onto to and teach a new generation of aspiring personal trainers and fitness coaches.

Steele Williams - TRAINFITNESS Director
Steele Williams


With over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry and having trained numerous celebrities including Naomi Campbell, Mel B, Melanie Sykes, Bjork, Ruby Wax, Sinitta, Max Beesley and Elle McPherson, Steele’s expertise in the field is extensive.

Neil Bates - TRAINFITNESS Programming
Neil Bates

Programme Co-ordinator

I’ve been in this industry for over 20 years & worked for fx starting in 2003 as the master trainer & have travelled all over the world delivering masterclasses & workshops.
In 2006 I became one of the stomp fx developers & still create the programme.
I’m currently the programme coordinator for fx & T3, and in charge of sourcing & mixing the music.

Jithin George
Jithin George

Head of Sales

An avid sports buff with a Masters degree in Sports Management I also come from a strong business development background in the Fintech industry. I have had the privilege of working with a wide range of people and businesses from across the world and absolutely love dealing with people. What better way to put that into use than to assist and lead people into their calling of being Fitness experts. I intend to extend my people skills in supporting and providing the best advice and service to those that are considering on making their mark in the fitness industry.

Hazel Goudie - TRAINFITNESS Internal Quality Assurance
Hazel Goudie

Internal Quality Assurance

I have worked in the fitness industry for 20 years, working my way up from a gym instructor to a specialist in back care, sports massage and rehabilitation. I have always loved running, but have more recently started to challenge my strength and fitness by competing in fitness obstacle events such as Rock Solid and Bear Grylls.

Paul Humphries - TRAINFITNESS Learner Support
Paul Humphries

Learner Support Manager

I have worked in the fitness industry for the last 5 years, having completed my PT qualification with TRAINFitness I started working for Virgin Active in one of their biggest gyms in the UK. Previously studied BTEC sports science at college and have played professional rugby for club and country but due to injuries that career was cut short. Turn negatives into positives and making each day count.

Fabian Lewis
Fabian Lewis

Enrolment Manager

I have previously worked as a manager in the fitness industry with over 5 years’ experience having worked in some of London’s prime gym locations I am now at TRAINFITNESS. I am enjoying helping our learners through their personal journey in achieving their qualifications.

Margarita Jusefa - TRAINFITNESS Accounts
Margarita Jusefa


I enjoy working at Train Fitness team as it is full of very positive and energetic people. I learn about protein and other healthy food for training. I meet fanatically fitness orientated people who make you want to train. I like to swim, walk long distances and dance. Let’s move! I have a great deal of experience in accountancy in Europe and in the UK. As a part of my job I like to help students with payments. Don’t miss the payment and we can become friends!

Jack Townsend
Jack Townsend

Enrolment Manager

Having worked in the fitness industry for nearly 10 years, I understand the demands and challenges that PT’s, Clients and Employers face on a consistent basis. I joined TRAINFITNESS because I enjoy the role of advising aspiring fitness professionals, knowing how exciting and rewarding the career of a PT can be.

In my spare time I enjoy playing Football and Cricket

Oliver Lewis

Learner Support

I have been into athletics and track events from a young age, practicing Karate in my teen years and three times bronze medalist in the London youth games. I am starting work at TRAINFITNESS with over 6 years customer service experience and look forward to progressing through this new journey.

Danielle Tobin - TRAINFITNESS Business Development
Danielle Tobin

Business Development

With a passion for health, fitness and encouraging people to be active, I have joined the TRAINFITNESS team. With over 10 years experience in engaging and educating children, young people and families through activity, I am excited to promote the TRAINFITNESS brand across the UK, whilst looking after our International partners. My passion for fitness quickly became a career when I qualified as a Personal Trainer. When I’m not in the office you will find me in the gym.

Richared Scrivener - TRAINFITNESS Course Developer
Richard Scrivener

Product Development Manager

I have a 1st Class Honors Degree in Sports Science, a Master’s Degree in High Performance Physiology. I’m a Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach & member of the National Strength & Conditioning Association. I am also an Animal Flow Master Instructor, a Strength & Conditioning Coach at Ricky Hatton’s Boxing Academy & I personally train a select number of clients & athletes.

Michael Betts


From gymnast to chef, to exercise to music instructor to personal trainer, to course tutor to company director, Michael certainly knows the ins and outs of exercise, nutrition, health and fitness.

Long Nguyen
Long Nguyen

Digital Design

Being a designer at TRAINFITNESS has provided me an environment filled with first-class fitness trainers and professionals. As a creative I am inspired to help build our vision of a world energized by fitness.

James Hammond
James Hammond

Junior Digital Designer

Digital illustration, Front-End Development and Brand Development for eLearning and Marketing Material.

A smiley face in a happy place!

Charles Walker
Charles Walker

Junior Digital Designer

Part Digital Designer, part Front-End Developer who is always looking for new skills to learn and ways to improve.

Recently stepped foot into the design field; with great interests in new trends and technologies.
Roles include facilitating an enjoyable experience for users when consuming content by making it easier to digest and comprehend.

Steve Robson - TRAINFITNESS Office Manager
Steve Robson

Office Manager

I have worked in the service industry since leaving school, and qualified teaching exercise to music in 1990. I joined the TRAINFITNESS team in 2012, looking after operations and building facilities. I still take part in exercise in music with fx workouts, and go to the gym at least five times a week.

Dil Sheikh - TRAINFITNESS Accounts
Dil Sheikh


Dil Sheikh is an experienced professional accountant and has worked in many industries. He has more years of experience than he wants to remember. He loves to spend a few hours at the gym trying out all the equipment including weights, treadmills, etc. He is always seeking new knowledge on nutrition. His latest interest is in organic food.

Ben Wigzell
Ben Wigzell

Course Tutor

Ben has been in the fitness industry for many years, starting as a level 2 Gym Instructor, where client programming and goal setting quickly became of strong interest.

Qualifying as one of the first UK Insanity instructors, Ben held regular HIIT classes alongside training to gain his level 3 PT Qualification; many of his clients hail from his class instructing.

Having worked as a Duty Manager and then a Club Manager for Soho Gyms, he was able to put greater focus on the member experience. Also by managing Sales and PTs in tandem, it became clear he had a thirst for improving the quality of service a PT can offer to the fitness industry, knowing how important individuals fitness journeys are.

Ben still runs an outdoor Bootcamp and has PT clients, but his main focus is to help develop the skills of those embarking on their PT journey.

Rob Burton
Rob Burton

Enrolment Manager

I started my career in fitness over 10 years ago as a Personal Trainer and moved into Sales and Management, as well as launching a business in Personal Training. Now at TRAINFITNESS, I share my knowledge of the industry with aspiring students and guide them through the beginning of their journey into professional fitness.

In my spare time I play the guitar, football and darts!

Roy Odiak
Roy Odiaka

Enrolment Manager

I am here to guide you towards a better career; by giving you in depth knowledge of each course, we can decide which is the right path for you.

I have played football professionally and worked in the fitness industry for the past 2 years.

Danielle Spillit
Danielle Spillett

Learner Support

Graduating with a First Class Honours in Media Studies and Scriptwriting, I worked across the television and tourism industries for five years before deciding to undergo a complete career change. I completed my Personal Training Qualification (and many others) with TRAINFITNESS and have experience working as a Fitness Coach/PT at Fitness Space and as a freelance mobile Personal Trainer and Life Coach. Following my own lifestyle change, I enjoy helping others along their journeys into the fitness industry. Often noted for my enthusiastic and positive nature, you’ll usually find me with a smile on my face!