In the current economic climate we as personal trainers need to be mindful of the various ways to continue to attract clients and keep them adhering as well as maintain the marketing and promotion of our services as economically as possible.

Below are 10 ways to do this and help you to continue doing the job you love!

  1. Use the free website building services available online – if you are considering advertising online or having a website to promote your business look online at the special offers for web domains and help with building your website. Shop around there are some great deals
  2. Offer larger group size classes – as a personal trainer you do not only have to work one-to-one with clients. As long as you have insurance and are appropriately qualified you can train a group of clients. Group training increases adherence from clients and can be fun for everyone. There are also financial benefits for you and the clients as you can attract clients with a reduced cost per person but earn more overall per session
  3. Approach schools to use as a venue for in and outdoor services – schools will have all of the facilities you need including risk assessed indoor and outdoor areas, with toilets and changing facilities. In addition to this hiring is often cheaper
  4. Research your local village/town newsletters/leaflets – these a“re generally distributed by the local authority or smaller organisations such as church groups and community based centres. Some will offer free advertising slots that you can utilise or ask only a small fee, much cheaper than the yellow pages or local newspapers
  5. Create a press release/article for a local event – this can be varied and ideas include a promotion that relates to the season or success story of a client who lives in the local area. Offer the press release/article to the local newspaper to cover, which they may do for free rather than buying advertising space in the same newspaper
  6. Partner up with another professional/referral – networking and partnering up with other personal trainers or health care professionals; such as physiotherapists and chiropractors is a free way of broadening your business. The referral can work both ways and can act as an advertising tool for both parties.
  7. Promote special offers – encourage clients to buy a block of sessions in advance for a reduced rate or one free session per block booking. Per session the client will pay less but you will have the money up front.
  8. Attend/promote at local events – if you live in or near a town or village search the local authority for the events that are run there. You can often have a stand/stall at such events for free or a small fee to advertise your business. Consider creating a competition or a special offer. Hand out leaflets, business cards, even have a successful client come with you to promote your skills!
  9. Maintain your CPD – company’s selling courses also have special offers, spend time researching these as well as what the local community needs/wants. Develop your skills in these areas at a reduced price as well as maintaining your CPD
  10. Use different environments – although many local authorities are charging PT’s to use their outdoor spaces it is still cheaper than gym rent. Therefore depending on the weather and client’s needs/wants, consider promoting different environment training such as local parks or at their home/office