Personal Training Case Study – Ben Cairns

My Name is Ben Cairns and I’m 26, from Milton Keynes, I lived in Spain when I was young but I moved back to Milton Keynes when I was 13 to finish school. I joined the army at 18 after two years at college studying business and plumbing and realising it wasn’t for me.

I served in the British Army for 7 years, at first in 7th Parachute Regiment Royal Horse Artillery then later the 1st Royal Horse Artillery where I was deployed on operations to Afghanistan in 2012. When I came back I realised how much I loved fitness and training. I’ve always been an active person; snowboarding, skiing, kayaking, rock climbing just to name a few of the activities I enjoy. Being in the army, I was able to continue doing the things I loved and I was also able to become a Physical Training Instructor (PTI) for the British Army.

My love of fitness means I am always looking for the next challenge. One of my latest challenges was taking part in an Ultra Triathlon for charity where I cycled from Edinburgh to Dover, then swam the channel to Calais and finally ran from Calais to Brussels.

Being a PTI for the British Army I knew I wanted to pursue this as a career and so, upon leaving the army I decided to achieve my personal training qualification with TRAINFITNESS . I used the army enhanced learning credits to pay for the course which was great. My plan was to get my qualification and then move abroad to Australia and work as a personal trainer.

I knew I wanted to be a personal trainer as I love fitness and training and I love helping others reach their goals and achieve something they never thought they could achieve! It is quite amazing what the human body can achieve with the proper coaching, hard work and dedication.

I found out about the course from a google search, I soon found out that TRAIN had worked with the British Army and ex serving personnel in the past so I knew straight away that this was the company for me. Whilst enrolling on the course I found TRAIN to have great customer service and they made the whole process so easy for me.

The course was incredibly in depth! The amount of information you learn on a daily basis is amazing, and from such knowledgeable instructors with years and years of experience. You can pick the brains of just about anyone at TRAINFITNESS and they are always willing to help.

Former Pupil, Ben Cairns, talks about how he became a Personal Trainer with TRAINFITNESS

The course modules cover so much more than you might originally think, things that you didn’t even know a PT would have to know. Anyone can come up with a range of exercises to do and give it to someone to do, but knowing WHY you are giving them the specific exercises and repetitions and coaching points etc is the real key!

All the instructors at TRAINFITNESS are exceptional and truly passionate about what they do, which makes the whole learning experience much more enjoyable. The tutors come from different walks of life and have all achieved so many different things. The best thing, they are all prepared to make time for the students to share that knowledge and wisdom.

The things I didn’t expect during the course were the opportunities to learn things that aren’t included on the course. We had a taster session in Animal Flow which was great for example. Embracing your inner animal was a fantastic experience.

These moments made the course stand out from any other course. In fact, the extras might be my favourite part of the course, the variety of what you learn and experience whilst you are there was incredible.

The bond you have between you and your classmates and the instructors is very much like a family (#TRAINfamily) which was a huge bonus.Training with friends and likeminded people made the experience a lot of fun. Most of us are still in touch to this day!

Of course, the most challenging part for me and I think for most people are the written assessments and practical assessments, more so the written ones as I seem to just panic in those situations but the team at TRAINFITNESS they help you every step of the way, making sure you are prepared for your assessment and even using their personal time if needed you needed the extra help.

You truly feel welcome at TRAINFITNESS and become part of the TRAIN family both whilst you are studying there and once you have left!

I am now living my dream in Australia and an ambassador for a fitness clothing line! Instagram @V7FITNESS and be sure to give them a follow, you can use my code to get 10% off too, bencairns10

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