Did we make a promise to offer you more tips on winning new business? Yes, we did. And therein lies maybe the single most important lesson of all in the relationships you form with any personal customers. When you tell them you will do something, do it!

Delivery is everything when you are looking to build the trust and confidence of your clientele. They are investing more than their time and money in you; there is a leap of faith being taken by agreeing to put their bodies through whatever you tell them to. If they commit to your programme, they will expect results in return.

We are here to help you to help them, but do not make promises to your clients that you cannot keep.

Are you www savvy?

There are no excuses in life if you’ve got a wi-fi signal! Getting your name out there is easy in today’s social-media-browsing society. Twitter can spread the word, and Instagram can put you in the picture. If you happen to have a way with Photoshop and a knack for choosing the correct filter, you’re halfway there already. So how do you make the most of social media?

Give them something to talk about …

Not only is this beneficial for bumping up the numbers of followers, it’s also the easiest form of marketing you will ever find. People like to talk and boast about whatever they’re getting, and if they think they are getting something unique, they will tell the world. Go the extra mile by always trying to offer something a little different, something a little extra. How about recommending healthy recipes to complement your clients’ exercise? Or why not send them emails detailing their weekly workouts? The more personal and distinctive you can make the service, the more special it will seem to them. Without much in the way of extra time or effort, you can give them ready-made recommendations to pass on to their online friends and followers. Another idea is to invite them to bring a friend along to their first session, or offer them a free session if they recommend a friend to you. Be inventive! Design and print some vouchers. Make it feel like a club and create a sense of belonging.

Give even more …

Promote your services through events and fundraisers. Get involved with a local fitness event or sponsor a local race. Offer training sessions or programmes as prizes to well-supported local charities. By fostering an image of being a kind ambassador you will develop a good image that will help win you respect and trust. Giving can be a good investment in making you seem less business-driven and more concerned about healthy living. Don’t be surprised if you start to see the referrals rolling in!

Use the hours you already spend on social media a little more wisely …

An addiction to scrolling is not easy to treat. We’re all victims to it … Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are habit-forming media tools. They eat up our attention, and if they’re killing time they seem to be doing the job. Well it’s time to get medicine! Always remember your potential clients are also online doing exactly the same thing: wasting time. This can work to your advantage, as boredom often leads to a tendency to read every post that pops up no matter how dull. If you can make your message more colourful, more intriguing and more eye-catching, you will stand out from the crowd – and so will whatever you are offering!

Facebook is a particular firm favourite among the many social media platforms. Unlike other forms of advertising, once someone ‘likes’ your page they will then see all of the posts published on it. Be particularly aware of this when you are posting because it may be going out to more people than you think!

Twitter is a fantastic communication platform. Users visit the site specifically to engage with others, so posing questions and encouraging interaction is the way forward with your tweets. If you can spark conversation it will open doors that allow your profile to be seen across a wider audience and therefore more potential clients.

Instagram is more of an ‘a-lister’. Everyone is using it, maybe to post pictures of their scrummiest meal or videos of their toughest workout. It is currently the place to be seen in social media, and so it is playing into the hands of anyone looking to fuel the current health craze and drive fitness as fashion. If there are more and more people out there that want to be fit and healthy, how do they manage it? Er … through us, right?! So get posting your workouts, create internet memes to advertise your offers, and make sure your food is as good for you as it is good to look at!

Deliver, right??!!

So we will bring the curtain down on Part 2 with another promise. There will be more to come on social media marketing … the do’s, the don’ts and the don’t quite knows.

Tell us if there are any other platforms you’d like us to cover in Part 3. Periscope up?