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Study Your Personal Training Course From Home


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2 May, 2019

In an ideal world, everyone would come to a venue and study their PT course on the gym floor, but that just isn’t practical for all. You’re busy, you have commitments, we get it!

This is why a distance study course can come in handy. Our distance course allows for ultimate flexibility, studying in your own time around your other commitments.

While studying from home has obvious benefits to those who can’t commit to classroom study, this method of learning is not without its pitfalls. It takes a lot of dedication, motivation and planning to get it right.

Here are our top tips for effective home study.

1 – Routine, routine, routine

Just because you are going to be studying from your own environment, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stick to some routines and good practices. Set your wake-up time and stick to it, eat breakfast, put some clothes on and get studying. Same time, every day you set out as working days. If you’re working on your course after work, it’s the same principle, set a time and how long you will study for and stick to it.

2- Get organised

Before you start studying, make sure you have everything you need to hand. Pen’s, paper, water, login details, cables and chargers. If you have everything you need to hand you will have no reason to waste time looking for stuff.

3- Don’t overdo it

Most providers will give you a recommended amount of study time per week needed to complete the course. This makes a good guide for your own studies. What you don’t want to do is set unrealistic goals or try to cram too much in to one day. Think quality of learning over quantity. Don’t make sessions too long and when you feel yourself zoning out, take a break.

4- Focus

It’s easy to allow yourself to become distracted when you are studying at home; tv, radio, podcasts, people, can all be a distraction. To give yourself the best chance of working through your planned study, find a dedicated room or space, remove any distractions and focus on the task in hand.
PT Distance Study Course

5- Plan ahead

Put study sessions in your diary, set alerts and update weekly. If you put your study time into a diary you are more likely to stick to your study plan. Yes, sometimes you might have to start later than planned, or cut a session short, but having a plan will make it easier to stick to studying

6- Get some support

The onus is on you to complete the online course, but it doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. Our online courses come with the support of our Learner Support Team and Tutors– make use of them. They are there to help you with your course and to provide answers to questions, support and guidance.

If you are struggling with parts of your course, take a breath and give us a call

7- Upgrade to part time

If you do start to get behind, are struggling with the course or find that your schedule allows more time, don’t be afraid to get in touch and switch your course from Distance to part time. Perhaps some gym floor sessions and being in a classroom environment is what you need to finish the course.

8 – Celebrate the wins.

Don’t forget to congratulate yourself when you pass a module, if you were training with peers you’d be off to the pub on a Friday to celebrate passing, be sure to do the same or something similar when you get a good result studying online.

9- Make sure you get some R&R

Look, you’re not a machine, you need a break. Be sure to find a balance. If you’re studying from home you’re likely working in a job too. It can be easy to let studying and work be all consuming. Plan days where you will study less and play more. It will help you to re-focus and come back to the course reinvigorated and ready to crack on

10- Remember what it’s all about

Why are you doing this course? To start on your dream career as a Personal Trainer, to learn more about training to help you with your own training? Whatever the outcome, take a bit of time to remind yourself why you started the course, putting things into perspective will only help you focus on the task in hand.

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