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#FitnessFridays 30 Minute Circuit

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Hannah Tyldesley


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15 May 2015

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The working week is almost over, and the weekend is in sight. We know, you’ve worked hard all week, but why not earn tonight’s glass of wine (or two) with a quick Kettlebell circuit sure to get the heart racing and the fat burning! Our expert train George has put together a short, but not so sweet 30 minutes of swinging, lunging and hops sure to send you sailing into the weekend feeling sky high! Why not give it a go?

Over to George...

Start with a 5 minute warm up trying to active muscles in the posterior chain lower back, gluteus maximus (glutes), hamstrings, and calves)

Once the warm up and mobilization phase is complete move into the 4 main complexes below. Complete each exercise below for 20 seconds with a 5 second active recovery between each exercise. Once the round is complete rest for between 30 seconds 1 minute and switch to the opposite side of body and complete the second round. Use this same concept for each of the exercise groups attached below:

Double handed swing

Alternating step ins

Single arm swing right side

Walk outs

Rest for 1 minute

Hanging clean right side

Plank under kick right side

Single leg deadlift right side

Frog jumps

Rest for 1 minute

Side lunge cleans right side

Single leg hops right side

Lunge holds

Ice skaters (30 seconds for this exercise only)

The fourth complex will be a Kettlebell Tabata. Challenge yourself with a heavy weight whilst still maintaining good form and complete 10 rounds of double hand swings with a 10 second rest between each set (3 minutes all together):

Double hand swing 20 seconds

Rest10 seconds

You should feel short of breath from the very start, so if you aren’t… you need a heavier Kettlebell.

If you're unsure on any of these exercises, have a quick look on Youtube or leave us a comment and we'll be happy to explain!

Remember if you try the circuit, tag us and hashtag #FitnessFridays! You got this!

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