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#FitnessFridays 04.07

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Hannah Tyldesley


Circuit Training, General Group Exercise, Kettlebells, Personal Training

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3 July 2015

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#FitnessFridays 04.07

Heatwave has hit and so to celebrate we turn to two of our top students Aimee and Michelle for a sweaty circuit session. If you’re inside you may as well be feeling the heat! Swimsuit season is well and truly here so let’s work for it…

Aimee’s Instagram: @aimeecorry

Michelle’s Instagram: @fitnessbymichelle


Warm up:

1 min high knees

1 min squat jumps

1 min star jumps

Circuit 1: 3 rounds. 20 seconds on 10 rest. 1 min rest between each round.

Walk outs with press up

Box jump

Tricep dip

Full body Burpee

Circuit 2: 3 rounds. 20 seconds on 10 rest. 1 min rest between each round.

Mountain climbers

Kb swings

Alternate lunges

Commandos (forearm to Palm plank)

Superset (3 sets)

Viper crawls 30 seconds

with 10 clean and press

Cool down

5 min incline walk


If you’re unsure on any of these exercises, have a quick look on Youtube or leave us a comment and we’ll be happy to explain!

Remember if you try the circuit, tag us and hashtag #FitnessFridays. You got this!

Twitter: @fitnessindustry

Instagram: @fitnessindustryed

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