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#FitnessFridays June 12th Circuit

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Hannah Tyldesley


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12 June 2015

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Friday’s back and with it the sunshine. Summer has finally decided to show its face after a Spring that seemed to never end.

We’ve got another gruelling session to send you into the weekend! This week we turn to ‘star student’ Sue, who not only has not only taken the whole thing in her stride but has also been spotted training early hours almost every day. Everyone take note!

Let’s see what she’s got in store...

Warm up: 20 minutes cardiovascular activity (walking, running, rowing, cycling)

  1. Walk Outs x10
  2. Mountain Climbers x20
  3. Spider Mans x10
  4. Weighted Crunch x20
  5. Reverse Weighted Lunge x20
  6. Sit Ups with twist x20
  7. Cowboy Press x10
  8. Mule’s x10
  9. Pull and Clean Press x20
  10. Bear Press to Squat x10

Cool down: 5 minutes on the treadmill| No gradient.

If you’re unsure on any of these exercises, have a quick look on Youtube or leave us a comment and we’ll be happy to explain!

Remember if you try the circuit, tag us and hashtag #FitnessFridays. You got this!

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Instagram: @fitnessindustryed

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