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Hannah Tyldesley


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29 May 2015

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Friday means one thing in the TrainFitness headquarters. And that one thing is exercise. Yes, of course this takes place most of the week here in our beautiful onsite gym. But Friday’s are a little bit special, because we share with you exactly what we do.

On both Tuesdays and Thursdays as the clock strikes 8 (am that is, we’re early birds here!!), students and staff alike step foot into one of our shiny new studios and take part in a class led by expert trainer George! These are based upon two of our very own fx classes, ‘Shred’ and ‘Pump’. This week’s #fitnessfridays workout is adapted from your classic ‘Shred’ class, a combination of high intensity circuits to encourage fat burn, and improve cardiovascular performance. And the best part? It’s just 30 minutes of really…really hard work!

And so, as promised we thought we’d share. It’s time to shred the fx way…

Equipment required:

Body Weight

Battle Rope

Med Ball



Firstly complete a body weight complex! Complete all exercise listed below in an ascending pyramid. Example 6, 8 then 10 repetitions with a 20 second recovery between each set of 6, 8 and 10:

Sumo squat

Sumo squat with front kick

Walk outs


Next is a VIPR complex! This one you will need a partner for. Same concept as above with the pyramid so start with 6 repetitions and work up to 8 and then 10. Exercises listed below:

Vipr squat passes

Vipr lateral raises in plank position

10 thrust jumps whilst your partner holds a plank position and then switch once 10 repetitions is complete.

The battlerope complex is next! This will be a 6 stance circuit and will be a descending pyramid. Each stance will be 30 seconds until all 6 are complete, take a minute to recover and then the same again for 25 seconds and then 20 seconds. No longer than a one minute rest once each 6 stances are complete and a 5 second active recovery between each stance.

Double waves with Battlerope

Fast feet on the step

Medball woodchops

Burpee star jumps

Lateral jumps on the step

Press ups

If you’re unsure on any of these exercises, have a quick look on Youtube or leave us a comment and we’ll be happy to explain!

Remember if you try the circuit, tag us and hashtag #FitnessFridays! You got this!

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