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4 July 2016

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The latest fx workouts from TRAINFITNESS are now available in the app.


blast fx™ v16.2

Function and intensity collide in a total-body blitz like no other. Turn tried and tested resistance-based exercises into the ultimate physical challenge.

fight fx™ v16.2

Our resident fight fx choreography Unnur Pálmarsdóttir‎ has outdone herself with this incredible, high energy release. Katy Moore will take you through some incredible fight sequences as well as basic skills training required by any fighter. The release builds and builds to the max with the great Martin Solveig release of Night Out. Knock ‘em Dead!

groove fx™ v16.2

We are very happy to have Lisa Whelan take us through this new groove fx workout, with choreography still by the wonderful Jo Parry. Lisa gets down with some great disco in Super Disco but then mixes it up with a super sexy version of Hello.

pump fx™ v16.2

This release includes a focus on transverse planar work including a Transverse Lunge and Transverse Delt Raises with the aim of challenging proprioception and core stability. Also included are two great peripheral heart action tracks targeting Pectorals, then Lats, Gluteals and Hamstrings. Increase the weight slightly on these tracks and your clients will feel a whole new challenge.

stomp fx™ v16.2

Neil Bates delivers his best yet in stomp fx V16.2. He has really mixed it up with some powerful athletic combinations including Single Arm Mountain Climbers (remember blast fx V13.1 – thanks Greg Sellar) and a great new move, the Twirl. Get ready to work!

The following tracks are featured in the groove fx & stomp fx v16.2 programmes. Click the track title to listen:


The following tracks are featured in the blast fx & pump fx v16.2 programmes. Click the track title to listen:


The following tracks are featured in the fight fx v16.2 programme. Click the track title to listen:

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