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fx v16.3 Out Now!

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fx - Group Exercise Programmes, General Group Exercise

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7 November 2016

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In blast fx, Katy Moore and Leanne Vaitkus-Murphy take us through another high intensity bodyweight workout. And, back by popular demand, the Seated Barrel Roll, where agility is the key.

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fight fx, choreographed by Unnur Pálmarsdóttir, is presented once again by Katy Moore and introducing martial arts champion, Luan Le. Combining fight sequences with skill training, this fight fx release is sure to make your team sweat.

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While Jo Parry is off on maternity leave, Rachel Tunstall adds her flavour to groove fx. From disco to salsa, Rachel knows how to move and delivers a workout packed with fun.

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Michael Betts and Mark Wallace introduce a new track style to pump fx with pre-exhaustion in 16.3. Get ready to focus on those pecs once you've exhausted your triceps in tracks 2 and 7.

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Our long standing stomp fx programme developer Neil Bates is back with yet another high energy stomp fx workout. The Reverse Burpee is still one of our favourites!

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Remember your fitness test tracks to really show your members that with fx, they'll get Real Results in Record Time.


Android App Update Available Now

It has taken us a while but we have finally released the new Android version of the TRAINFITNESS App. This release includes a new design and all the great new features as listed in the iOS version. Read More

To get this update, go to the Google Play store now!

NB: We highly recommend you upgrade to the TRAINFITNESS app and stop using the fitness fx and Fitness Industry Education apps. These apps will cease to work within the next 2 months.


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