When it comes to health and fitness, we live in pretty exciting times. There are more choices available, more cost saving options and it’s become the social norm to train on a regular basis.

Gyms are offering zero contract memberships, 24 hr access, super low monthly costs. There’s also a boom in boutique classes that promise to improve your fitness levels and physical health while being easy to fit into your day to day life.

In fact, boutique gyms and classes are working on the assumption that its weird to not have them as part of your weekly routine.

The fitness industry has gone so mainstream that it’s the norm to be seen carrying around multiple bags, yoga mats, supplements and prepped meals whilst dropping into various classes a week. Fitness has become a social network for many, with close communities being built around shared sweat sessions.

However, with all the options and all the information available, some may still not be achieving the results they are looking for, or may not be feeling the benefits of their programmes or group exercise sessions.

If, like many of you no doubt do, you struggle to make sessions work , or find it difficult to make the changes you want to your body or are new to fitness, then you may want to consider personal training sessions.

Personal trainers are there to support, coach and guide you to your end goal. Whatever you’re training for; competition, weight loss, holiday, wedding, specific event, a personal trainer can plug the gap between classes and training alone.

Personal trainers have studied hard, earned their fitness qualifications and have a greater understanding of how the body works and how to help you achieve your fitness goals. If any of the below points sounds like you, then you should seriously consider some sessions with a personal trainer.

You aren’t seeing the fruits of your labours

Training hard, tracking your macros, keeping a log of everything you do, progressive overload, adequate rest time. Key components of any good programme. In the early stages you will no doubt see some progress. If you’re a gym newbie, that progress will be heightened.

However, over time, you may find that progress stalling, you’ve hit a plateau, your results have actually regressed. Maybe your programme is old and boring and you can’t summon the mental strength to hit the gym. This is when it may be time to seek the advice of a personal trainer.

A personal trainer is there to help you create new, realistic and achievable goals. They can help you programme, fix you form and push you a little bit harder than you might push yourself. A personal trainer can also make it a bit easier for you. They can design your programme, time your rest periods and help you strip the bar and set up your next station, meaning you can focus purely on the training.

In the short term, this takes off some of the pressure of training. In the longer term, it can add real value to your training and see you hitting your goals and exceeding your previous achievements in the gym.

You’re worried you’re getting the movements wrong

There are various health benefits to exercise, you know this which is why you are hitting the gym. Those health benefits can come undone though with poor form when lifting weights. It can actually be hugely detrimental to your health to be lifting with poor form.

Even if you have done your research, watched hours of YouTube videos, read up on websites and asked questions on forums, if you’re coming away from sessions unsure and sore (in the, that doesn’t feel right sort of sore) then a personal trainer may be the answer.

Not only can a personal trainer teach you correct form and help you master technique, they can also suggest variations to exercises to work around issues. Armed with all the information, a personal trainer can get you training safely and effectively with a programme built specifically to your needs.

Hire A Personal Trainer

Starting out seems mind boggling

If you’re starting out, training can seem overwhelming at first. There are multiple methods to reach your goals, hundreds of variations of exercises plus lots of information on the internet that is contradictory (and sometimes completely bogus).

Do you train fasted, free weights, body weight or machines? Full body or splits? Cardio, how many times a week for training? Strength training or HIIT or boutique fitness classes?

If you’re starting out, it’s a lot of information to consider. It can be very hard to determine your starting point, even if you know what your goal is. A personal trainer can help you take the mystery out of training.

A PT will help devise your plan, show you how to use equipment and how to incorporate it into your workout. They will help you to stay accountable and will help you stick to your routine. Most importantly, they will help you reach your goal safely and sensibly.

You’re training for something specific

Are you planning on tackling your first triathlon, Iron Man, London to Brighton, Quest Adventure? Maybe you’re planning on hiking around Patagonia. Whatever you have planned, be it a big or small challenge or adventure, a personal trainer can help.

Armed with the knowledge of your next adventure, a personal trainer can design a very specific plan that will elicit the best response and give you the best chance of completing your challenge. Whether you need to improve muscular endurance, carry weight on your back, improve your conditioning, or get ready to kayak in open water, a personal trainer can help.

If you are a competitive sports person and need some help training in the off-season, a personal trainer can help push you and get you ready for the season. A programmed resistance training plan can get you ready and help you avoid injury in the long run.

Whatever your goal, consider hiring a personal trainer to design and develop your plan. That way you can focus on looking after yourself, any additional training and being game ready.

While fitness and training is generally an individual pursuit, it doesn’t hurt to have the input and back up of a fitness professional. A personal trainer can help you design a plan that works for your goals, check your form, keep you accountable and take the mystery out of training.

Whether you use a personal trainer over the short, medium, or long term, you will reap the benefits. You’ve invested in the gear and the gym membership, why not invest in the professional expertise to take your training to the next level!


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