We Talk to Ike Fallon About His Journey to Becoming a Personal Trainer

Ike Fallon recently completed his Diploma in Personal Training with us. We sat down and had a chat with him to find out more about him, why he wanted to do his course and what he thought about the course itself.

Tell us a bit about you


I’m a professional dancer, singer, actor and choreographer. I’m originally from Worcester/Birmingham but have been living in London for 3 years now.

As a dancer I have been very lucky to compete on the international stage, competing at the Dance World Cup where I have won gold twice and a silver. At National level I have won silver and bronze.

Away from dance I have worked in TV and theatre. I’ve been on Children In Need, Jack and the Beanstalk with Dani Harmer, and my most recent and upcoming credit – FAME the UK tour, with the likes of Jorgie Porter and Mica Paris.

Ike Fallon Studies Personal Training with TRAINFITNESS

Why did you want to do the course?

I wanted to do this course because I’ve always loved training and teaching other people. I’ve been teaching dance for a few years now and I love building that connection that comes with working with people. Doing a personal training course was the next logical step for me, combining my two passions- dance and fitness.

Why TRAINFITNESS and tell us a bit about the course?

TRAINFITNESS was highly recommended by many sporting and dance professionals I know. Through those contacts I was able to make an informed choice and I’m really glad I made it, I had no hesitation in signing up.

The course is intense, no doubt about it. TRAINFITNESS offer a lot in a short amount of time, but the support and the delivery of the course are fantastic.

At no point during the course did I have any difficulty staying focused and that is down to the friendly atmosphere and the motivation generated by the tutors and my fellow students. I’ve made some good friends and connections here.

The course actually exceeded my expectations as I came away with several qualifications more than I originally intended. This has made my future career prospects much broader. Something I particularly liked about the course was the tutor. Working with someone with that much experience and really connecting with them was a highlight. There was so much knowledge to absorb and they really committed time to us to make sure we understood all the information and knew how to apply it.

Out of everything, I most enjoyed the balance of theory and practical. Coming into the course I was expecting a lot more practical work, but you get a really good amount of theory which you then apply directly to the practical aspects. I enjoyed studying the process and then applying the learning on the gym floor, breaking it all down with your classmates and the tutors. I’ve also improved my own training with the knowledge I’ve picked up.

Any advice for anyone looking to do a Personal Training Course?

My two bits of advice are –

  1. Keep on top of paper work!
  2. And for anyone interested in a career change, don’t stress too much or feel overwhelmed by the intensity of the course, the tutors know their stuff and your fellow students will be supporting you all the way.

Last Word

Now I have completed my course I can combine dance and fitness together in my career, two things I’m very passionate about and I couldn’t be happier! Overall, studying at TRAINFITNESS was a great experience and I wouldn’t hesitate to complete my Level 4 and 5 with them.

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