Going for your first interview in the world of fitness can be a daunting task, with most new personal trainers not knowing what to expect. This article aims to help you to better understand the process and help you to get your self ready to get that dream job!

It all starts with the pre-interview…. Once you have been formally asked to come in you should start your research. Having a full understanding of the specific organization and their product will greatly help you stand out from the crowd. This will allow you to demonstrate a deep understanding of the company does and their culture. Here are the top 5 things to research before you have that interview:-

  1. The organisations history
  2. The organisations culture
  3. The type of clients
  4. The products
  5. The vision/brand

On top of this you should have a careful think about what kind of terms are you looking for, how many hours your willing to work and how you would market yourself on they gym floor. These are all common area that you are likely to get asked about.

By this point you should be ready for your interview… now the first question I get asked whenever talking to people about interviews is what should I wear? There are a large number of prospective personal trainers that feel as they will be working in a gym, shorts and t-shirt would be appropriate… This is not the case! Quick question do you think a miner goes for a job interview with a hard hat and light on their head, covered in muck? No you should dress as you would for any interview in a semi formal to formal style. Having said that always take your kit with you as most gyms will want to see you on the gym floor at some point.

A major other key points include make sure you are their early, not on time, early. Plan your route and make sure no matter what the world throws at you the morning of your interview you will be there.

From the moment you step into the organization you are making an impression so stand tall, be polite to all that you meet, this normally starts with the reception staff. Try to remain the right side of formal no matter how relaxed the staff are, you only have the one chance to impress.

When you sit down for your interview the manager has already seen your CV and understands a bit about your history, the interview is not the time to just run over your CV again. Your main focus should be to demonstrate that you have the skills and attitudes that the person in front of you is looking for. You want to show your level of passion and enthusiasm for the gym and making a change in your clients lives. Answer question positively and take your time! Makes sure you use positive body language, sit up straight, use eye contact, and most importantly smile!