Tell us a bit about yourself

My Name is Ethan Draycott, I’m from a small town called Rothwell in Midlands, I became interested in health and fitness from a young age, I was always active, and it grew from there.

Why did you want to become a qualified personal trainer?

I became a personal trainer because I believed I could help change people’s lives. It sounds cheesy I know. But I have been through the process myself. After I finished college I got a normal retail job working every hour I could possibly get to pay rent for my small apartment.

This was my downfall. I didn’t earn a lot, so food wasn’t healthy and over the next 18 months the weight packed on. I asked for a gym membership one Christmas and I’ve never turned back. I lost the weight I had gained and became fitter than I had ever been.

This reignited my passion for health and fitness. Next came what I’m sure any PT has been though, the big “decision time” moment. I had the opportunity to work for a bank or follow my passion. I’m happy with choosing personal training as it has changed my life. I became a personal trainer because health is for everyone and if I can do it anyone can.

Tell us about the TRAINFITNESS course

I looked online and spoke to colleges about various PT courses and I chose TRAINFITNESS (previously known as Fitness Industry Education) I loved the way the courses were formatted. I went for the online education option as I was still working full time (now as a receptionist at my local facility) The freedom this option gave me was amazing.

I was able to pick up when I had time and the course material was the best out there, trust me, I have seen other companies…The staff at TRAINFITNESS are always available to call and answer questions as needed and they have plenty of locations for your exams, plus they run regularly.

The examiners are all friendly and helpful making their sessions interactive and detailed to get the most out of there students.

I have done my Level 2 and 3 courses with them as well as their Olympic Lifting and Life Coaching courses. Even as I progress I am never disappointed with the new information that is delivered with each course. It would be easy for a company to cut corners and repeat themselves, but TRAINFITNESS do not do this.

For anyone who is serious about the health and fitness industry I would suggest no other company to start your journey.

You’ve set up your business, how did that come about?

I began my private studio, Evolve Personal Training when I moved to Madrid. I saw a need in the market for Expat Personal Training in the area where we bought our house. Touch wood but, so far, it’s going well.

Ethan Draycott personal trainer course

Have you got any tips for newly qualified PTs?

For anyone who is newly qualified I have some tips from my time so far in the industry.

Always continue to learn. Having your Level 3 alone doesn’t make you a good personal trainer. Read articles, take further education, practice different training techniques and protocols. If you allow yourself to, you can learn so much from each client too. Be open and do not get stuck in a certain way of training. Remember, every client is different and will need a different approach.

Be confident. Get used to saying hello to every single person that walks through your gym’s door, every day. You would be surprised how many clients would approach me for programs or sessions just because I had “been nice”. Start conversations and get to know people, learn about their lives but don’t be a hardcore salesman, as that can sometimes be off-putting.

Educate your clients. Not only on why you’re doing what you’re doing but educate them about the industry. Everyone sees social media and film stars and wants to look like them, but we know that other factors play a large role, such as genetics, stress and lifestyle in physic transformation.

Keep at it. One for the trainers who are starting their own business. It will take time…. a lot of it. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your business. There will be days where nothing happens and days where everything happens. Be patient and as we say to clients, be consistent and it will come.

How do you stay in shape running your business?

I focus on a variety of different training techniques based on the training phase I’m in at the time; Power, Strength, Hypertrophy and Endurance, planning and altering weight training sessions as the weeks progress.

But I also incorporate HIIT training and time under tension training. Sessions tend to be squeezed in between clients.

One for the tourists, best place to eat, train, visit in Madrid?

Best place to eat in Madrid is Restaurante Botín the oldest restaurant in Madrid, it’s been open since 1725. Very classical and the food is amazing.

Best place to train……well, obviously Evolve Personal Training !

Best place to visit. I wouldn’t choose just one place. Madrid is a grand old city that has so much to offer. Art in the museums, culture in the streets and food are all great things to experience here.

What’s next for you in 2019?

I hope to further develop the business, hopefully moving into a larger facility by the end of the year.

I will also be continuing my own education with the Level 4 Lower back pain management as well as the Strength and Conditioning courses available with TRAINFITNESS.

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