We caught up with former student and current Personal Trainer, Aimee, to see how she was getting on and to get her thoughts on her time at TRAIN

Hi, i’m Aimee Purgal

I’m from Jersey Channel Islands and have always had a passion for sports and exercise. As a child I was always overweight until I found a passion for training in the gym at the age of 18. Through hard work and a complete change in lifestyle and eating habits I lost a total of 3 stone in 6 months.

Aside from training in the gym my hobby has been horse riding since the age of 2. I used to compete locally in showjumping until I finished school. Now it’s a fun leisure activity which I do in my spare time.

I decided to become a personal trainer after because I had a deep passion to help people the way I helped myself.

I did some research and found TRAINFITNESS on google with one of the highest ratings for courses in the UK. After comparing all that I had found, it was a no brainer to do the course with TRAIN, for the value for money, ratings and course content.

The course itself was really did cover everything. I learned so much about myself, about body mechanics (in great detail) and most of all how to be the best personal trainer possible. The course tutors were amazing and inspiring people who never failed to make learning enjoyable I was pushed beyond what I thought I was capable of doing

Aimee Purgal Becomes A Personal Trainer TRAINFITNESS

For me, the most challenging part of the course was the course work. I have always found studying very hard, but with passionate students and tutors it made things a lot easier for me and for the first time in my life I passed every single exam first time! My favourite part of the course was training my peers in the gym.

We were in there everyday training each other, as if we were each other’s clients, which gave me a lot of confidence for the very competitive working world of a personal trainer.

I met some truly amazing and inspiring people and have made friendships which will last a lifetime.

I would recommend taking a course at TRAIN highly to anyone looking to become a PT or class instructor. It was very intense, but it was, I have to say, the best few weeks of my life because I’m now living the dream that I had envisioned and that is all down to the help and support of the tutors at TRAINFITNESS.

After completing my course I came back to Jersey and set up my own business as a self-employed personal trainer. It has been hard work, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. My clients are my pride enjoy and I love nothing more than seeing the sense of achievement on their faces after completing a session with me.

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