The fitness industry is booming, but taking your first steps into a career in fitness and getting a solid foothold can be daunting. While the demand for personal trainers is at the highest it’s ever been, there are a lot of capable individuals chasing their dreams and getting their personal training qualifications.

That shouldn’t put you off though. Gyms are desperately crying out for the right candidates. Personal training graduates who are willing to learn, work hard, put in the hours and who want to grow are ideal for gyms. Our partners are looking for well-rounded individuals who want to become successful personal trainers.

Our partners trust our teaching method and know that our graduates are some of the best out there. That’s why they work with us, we train them, they employ them.

This led to us creating the Personal Training Job Guarantee offer (Terms & Conditions apply) We believe in our course content and teaching methods. We know our personal training course is way ahead of the national standard and we know our graduates are best placed to enter the working world, armed with all the information to start a successful career.

We offer selected students on our courses a guaranteed job; you train with us, hit certain targets throughout the course duration and we will put you in front of our partners. We remove the worry of finding your first job by placing you in it. How easy is that?!

Of course, you will have to interview for any role we put you up for, but if we’ve sent you, our partners will know we believe in you and your abilities. We also provide CV support, interview support and various other bits that will get you into the interview and onto the gym floor as an employed personal trainer.

We want you to succeed, that’s why we go above and beyond for you!

Read on for the details.

Is this for real?

Absolutely! We work with several gyms and health clubs across the country who are always looking for new recruits. We work closely with our partners to ensure we send them the most highly trained candidates.

Where can you get me a job?

We work with the likes of City Athletic, DW Fitness First , Gym Box, Xercise4less, Ultimate Performance, F45, Motivate PT and Everlast Fitness. We have built strong relationships with the biggest names in fitness, they trust us to send the best candidates.

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How much will I earn?

You can earn up to £25,000 in your first year. This is dependant on the club and the employment model. You can expect your earnings to increase as you become more experienced and grow your client base.

What are the different employment models?

Most clubs operate two different models, either employed, where you have contracted hours, salary and exposure to potential clients.

Or, you may operate as a self-employed/freelance PT, where you get to choose your hours, and work with clients you want to work with. You can either pay rent to a gym to use their facilities or operate as a mobile PT.

Will I have to go to an interview?

As part of the job guarantee you will have to interview for roles. But don’t worry, we have your back. We’ve created exclusive partnerships to help you take the step from successful student to successful trainer.

Love Recruitment, one of the fitness industry’s leading specialist recruitment agencies, are on hand to offer you advice and guidance with interview technique and career options.

Do I need a CV?

Yes, you will need to send over a CV. However, our partners Love Recruitment can help with CV writing and review.

How many hours will I have to study on my course?

There is an estimate of 140 hours study across the course – we are thorough with our teaching and leave no stone unturned when it comes to our courses.

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Are there any conditions?

There are a few conditions. Obviously, you will have to have completed your course. We will also look at your general attitude, your working relationship with tutors, students and learner support. We will also consider your attendance and punctuality. Work hard and we will work hard for you.

Do I automatically qualify for the job guarantee by signing up to your courses?

The job guarantee is only applicable if the course is paid in full and no discounts are applied.

Is this for every course?

No. The Job Guarantee is only available on the Master and Specialist Diploma.

For more information on the job guarantee and any of our courses, get in contact with our enrolments team who can answer all of your questions.

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