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London’s Finest Fitness Hangouts

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Hannah Tyldesley


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18 June 2015

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London is famous for them. They are the places to be seen at. There are certain select venues around our capital city where we meet and greet, network and schmooze, mingle and flirt. Am I talking about bars and restaurants? Clubs and cafes? Not anymore. Some of the coolest hangouts in the city are now health clubs and gyms. Fitness has become fashionable. Is it just me or is your Instagram account suddenly full of friends in advanced yoga poses? Whereas the hot spots of London were once about cocktails and fine dining, these days they are Pilates studios, spin dungeons and juice cafes. Fitness is in vogue and it’s time you were in on it too! Want to know where? That’s what we are here for. Here are a few of our favourite ‘sweat-filled’ London joints.

For first class work-outs and top advice…

TRAIN Fitness

I’m sorry, but where else would we start but our home base, our own manor and definitely one of the finest health and fitness establishments in town. Come and see for yourself! Located in the heart of London, a tempting 10 minute walk from Borough Market’s food treasures, you will find our perfectly proportioned and well-equipped hub of activity. Boasting an impressive selection of the last word in fitness machines plus a large and functional free weights space, the gym has everything an exercise king or queen could wish for. There are two studios offering both virtual and live fitness fx classes, as well as a trendy spin bunker’. And with a team of of London’s finest fitness specialists, you’ll never fall short of your goals. We set our own bar very high!

For two wheel cruising…

BOOM Cycle

Let’s be honest, Spinning was once a bit of chore… the class your average fitness enthusiast took part in simply as a form of cardio punishment. In the world of ‘no pain, no gain’, it was an efficient fat burner sure to increase the heart rate and leave you short of breath. Spinning has now arrived in the 21st century in Shoreditch and Holborn. At BOOMCycle the spin instructors are as glam as the craze itself and their classes are the perfect prep for a night out on the town. Carefully choreographed, with music to get even the most reluctant dancer’s legs moving, BOOMcycle will have you rocking and riding ‘til you’re almost oblivious to the escaping calories. It’s nearly fun. Nearly! As far as sweaty nights out go, we’d say this is one to shed some kilos on. P.s hangover not included in price!

For the fitness diva’s out there…


Looking for style, sass and sweat under one roof? Look no further than St Mary Axe near Bank. 1Rebel’s super trendy modern layout offers a ‘Ride’ and a ‘Reshape’. Ride is an upbeat, out-of-your-seat spin class. It is often themed with a chosen music genre or occasionally with a live musician. The Reshape class combines HIIT with short bursts of cardio in the form of sprints on their high tech, low impact treadmills. They focus on both upper and lower body. It is class-specific for an hour of serious fat burn! The instructors are the stars of the show - high energy, highly-motivated and high on encouragement throughout. When it starts to hurt, you need reminding why you’re there and what you’re getting out of it. These guys sound as good as they look and make the ‘Ride’ a great one.

For ultimate luxury…

Equinox, Kensington

Have you earned some pamper time? Of course you have! Equinox is for gym royalty. Chic art deco style and luxury treatments combine to provide the ultimate experience. The staff are trained to think of everything and are constantly on hand in the sumptuous lounge area and in their irresistible in-house ‘fit shop’. Want spoiling? Inside each locker are two hangers, renewed after each and every use (just in case our clothes are worried about germs!). Get the picture? The gym (ah yes, almost forgot the gym!) boasts a large ‘floor’ containing top of the range machinery and hosting a series of classes all inspired by their original American locations. The yoga and Pilates studios are havens of tranquillity and calm. I’ve been told secretly that some people have entered Equinox and never come out. Once you’re in, there is really no reason to leave.

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