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Drop the junk – there’s a healthier alternative for you.

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Matt Bowen



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24 April 2017

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In a perfect world, we'd be spending our Sunday's prepping a weeks' worth of meals and topping up with fresh options during the week. But given the nature of modem day lifestyles where we're always on the go, it can be a struggle to have homemade healthy food every day, let alone a fridge to store it all in.

Without those homemade meals, it's very easy to make poor nutritional choices. To help you make slightly better ones we've compiled a list of healthier options you can find on the high-street. They might not be to everyone's taste, but they do at least offer variety, flavour and meals more aligned to your goals of healthier, happier and fitter living.


Leon have a range of options and a menu that is regularly updated. Nutritionally, the food is up there with your own meal prep exploits. If you want good hearty lunches from a company that cares about its food and where it comes from, then Leon is the place for you. Leon only source meat from farms that they trust and most of their menu is low GI, dairy-free, wheat-free and gluten-free.


A little trickier to find, but well worth the effort in hunting them down. They have a range of salads, wraps and hot meals that are made fresh on the day. You won't see a microwave and they use responsibly sourced and seasonal ingredients. The Smoky Three Bean Chilli is a particular favourite.

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CRUSH know what they're doing, offering what it calls 'Fit Food'. They've hot and cold options, each packed with healthy ingredients. They use British ingredients and source their foodstuffs from London markets, rather than buying from large scale distributors. The food is clearly labelled and lets customers know if it's suitable or not for certain intolerances or allergies. We particularly like the Super Grain Beef Chilli Hot Pot with Spelt.

Planet Organic

With a promise of Eat Well. Live Better. you know you're going to get something clean and healthy from Planet Organic. There aren't many stores, but they're worth finding. The food is organic, natural, sustainable and the ingredients are seasonal.  There's a wide range of salads and hot foods to enjoy. Our current favourite is the Thai Green Vegetable Curry and Mexican Quinoa salad.

Whole Food

Much like Planet Organic, Whole Food offers a range of fresh, organic options.  Dependent on the size of the store, you can expect to find a deli, salad bar, sandwich bar, sushi and/or seafood bar. There are hot and cold options available and you can mix and match your food stuffs to create your own ultimate healthy lunch.


If the idea of a pre-boxed salad doesn't appeal, you can always head over to Vital where you can mix and match salad items to create your own perfect salad of the day. This idea lends itself to variety, which is important when it comes to eating.  Simply select your size of salad, your base - which can consist of leaves or spiralized vegetables or pasta - then select ingredients from a wide range of options. Salad on the go just got a lot tastier.


Finally, sushi, because what lunch on the go list would be complete without it? Itsu offers a wide selection of sushi, hot noodle dishes, miso, salads and snacks. There are plenty of sites too, making it easy to find. The health and happiness box goes down well with us with a simple miso. Healthy, convenient and satisfying.

Whilst not always ideal, it's good to know that there are healthier choices when eating on the go.  Forget the stodgy (and dodgy) sandwich from the supermarket and give yourself the health-enhancing food you deserve.

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