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Microtraining - fitness trend stimulating Korea

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30 September 2016

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As TRAINFITNESS prepares to showcase T3 and fx at Asia Fitness Conference & Expo 2016 (October 7th-9th), we’re looking East at the latest fitness trends.

Korea’s fitness enthusiasts have found a new way to stimulate their workouts: electricity. Microtraining claims to deliver the same result of four hours of regular exercise in just twenty minutes, and is proving to be very much in vogue.

Microtraining involves wearing a corset-like suit attached to a machine. The machine then transmits low frequency electrical impulses directly to the muscles as you work out. The feeling resembles a mild vibration, and the electricity stimulates the muscle to contract.

Workouts can include cardio, muscle-specific work and full-body programs such as jumping jacks and squats. The pulsing current multiples the effects.

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Before you dismiss it as a gimmick, microtraining has been used by astronauts and Olympic-level athletes as far back as the 1960s to stimulate hard to trigger deep-seated muscle fibres.

For those unable to get to the nearest Korean microtraining gym, there are less shocking but effective methods of achieving real results fast.

All of the fx programmes at TRAINFITNESS speed up our participants’ metabolism in order to burn fat and get results quickly. This is achieved by bringing the class into the anaerobic training zone. Reaching this zone requires our clients to work hard, but our instructors and music ensures motivation remains high.

fx classes are taking place across the world, including Vietnam, Malaysia and China. Whether you choose pump fx, fight fx or stomp fx, the results will be electrifying.

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