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Must Stretch Muscle Groups

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Jeremy Boyd


Personal Training, Programming, Rehabilitation, Stretching

Posted On

17 November 2014

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The average member of the public spends the majority of their day in a seated position. Typically with their shoulders slumped forwards and down. Whilst for them this represents an almost sure-fire route to shoulder and hip pain down the line, for trainers it represents a quick and easy way to make people feel better and improve their value within their facility.

With that in mind, here are two stretches that will improve most peoples day to day lives within a 2 week period. Tightness and non-descript aches and pins will start to diminish (if not disappear) and they’ll start to wonder just what else is possible.

Lunged Rectus Femoris Stretch

This is the perfect counter to ‘spent all day sat down’ posture. To get the most out of this stretch, make sure that the stretch is initiated from the start position by drawing the front of the hip up towards the rib cage. Avoid arching the back, which is a common compensation pattern to create the appearance of more mobility.

Corner/Doorway Pec Minor Stretch

The pectoralis minor is one of the first muscles to tighten up as a result of being hunched over a keyboard or steering wheel. To maximise the effectiveness of this stretch, be sure to keep the ribcage down and apply tension by moving the torso, not the shoulder.

Each stretch should be held for 60 seconds and performed 2-3 times each side. For best results, these stretches should be done daily as consistency and frequency are the keys to progress.

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