Why you should consider becoming a course tutor

A qualification in education and training is a fantastic way to increase your earnings, stay up to date on fitness training and trends, add skills to your CV and enjoy a rewarding progression in your career.

As we all know, the fitness industry is growing. People are more in tune with what it means to train, to be fit, to have goals, perform well and eat well. There is also a greater understanding and acceptance in the general population that to achieve these goals and make positive changes, using a qualified personal trainer is almost essential. In turn, this means there is a huge demand for qualified personal trainers.

A day does not pass when our team at TRAINFITNESS is contacted from a health club or leisure centre asking for CV’s from our newly qualified PTs. The huge demand for PTs means there is an even greater demand to educate and train more personal trainers. Becoming a tutor to deliver personal training courses could therefore be extremely lucrative and fulfilling role.

Here are some reasons why it might be worth considering getting your qualification in education & training.

  1. Supplement your income
  2. It’s a rewarding career
  3. Provides intellectual satisfaction
  4. Offers flexibility & variety in your career

Supplement your income

One of the main attractions of becoming a course tutor is that it can be a fantastic way to supplement your income and earn a little (or a lot) extra on the side. It is relatively easy to find a balance between your own clients and taking a lead role on a course. Perhaps weekends are quiet, maybe delivering a part time Saturday or Sunday course would fit with your schedule. See the bulk of your clients before or after work? Then dropping the occasional course into your plans might add extra income. Tutoring roles can be very flexible if it’s a secondary income. You can deliver courses regularly or occasionally to suit your schedule.

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It’s a rewarding career

Another excellent reason to consider getting your tutoring qualification is how rewarding an experience working with students can be.  Your influence can have a real impact on students with your first-hand experience on delivering PT sessions helping students grow in confidence and flourish not only on the course but also once they start their own personal training business. Watching a student ace an exam or crush an assessment will fill you with pride and satisfaction in your work. Let’ not forget either, that when your students go on to become a success you will have the knowledge that you helped make that happen.

It provides intellectual satisfaction

Full time or part time tutoring will develop your own skills and abilities as you’ll be working with a variety of people from very different backgrounds whilst also targeting different learning styles. Your communication and teaching skills will be challenged, and you will have to learn to adapt to a variety of different situations in order to meet different learner needs. Developing the level of adaptability required to deliver a great course will not only help you educate learners, but will assist in other aspects of your working life such as your interactions with private PT clients.

Tutoring will also keep you at the leading edge of the fitness industry. Through lecturing, you will have to maintain a high level of knowledge of the industry and its developments, be they teaching practices, National Occupational Standards, fitness coaching techniques, trends and exercise protocols. All of this will impact how you teach, so you’ll constantly learn to stay ahead.

Adding tutoring to your skill set will make your CV more impressive; having that experience will open doors and opportunities that may not have existed before.

Offers flexibility & variety in your career

This is certainly more for the freelancers out there, but being a tutor can be an extremely flexible job. While there are standard hours you will have to work to fulfil course obligations, you can determine when you will or won’t teach on a course.

You can choose what courses to add to your schedule as well as where you want to work, as many training providers have courses all-round the country. If you have the means and desire to travel, you can pick and choose courses that suit.

If you have private PT clients and business starts to pick up, you aren’t tied to a full time tutoring job, but you are secure in the knowledge your Education and Training Qualification means you can pick up tutoring roles should things go quiet.

There is a high demand for tutors and with the continued growth of our industry, the demand will certainly continue. If you have a passion for health and fitness, a desire to educate new and upcoming personal trainers as well as a want to maximise your earning potential, you should consider a Teaching and Tutoring Qualification. Click here for more information about our Level 3 Award in Education & Training.

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