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Paired up Pt's Week Two

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Hannah Tyldesley


Circuit Training, General Group Exercise, Personal Training, Programming

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29 June 2015

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Paired up Pt's Week Two

Two weeks complete and it’s time to part their separate ways! Here’s a little insight into how they found the final few tests taken to becoming Level 2 qualified…

Things Hannah struggled with...

Anatomy is still the struggle. The heart, the bones, the muscles… are bodies are never ending mechanisms constantly working and enabling us to function properly. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for all they do, but having to study each individual layer of it can be both a little tedious and confusing. For someone with a literature based brain it’s certainly my top struggle.

Another thing I have struggled with is ensuring I stick to the correct procedure when it comes to instructing and training clients. I am so comfortable with the practical stuff through my own training it is easy to let explanations/demonstrations slip a little.

Things Hannah enjoyed...

Learning to actually be a personal trainer. Again perhaps going back a little to learning what I love, but this week we have actually been on the gym floor coaching our classmates through workouts we have designed. I’ve learnt all about balancing muscle groups and the different forms of training required to achieve different goals. It appears there’s much more to it than simply throwing a few exercises together!

Hannah’s highlight of the week...

Passing my practical! We did it. PairedUpPt’s succeeded in coaching each other through a number of exercises without giggling/laughing/nattering too much!

Things Emily enjoyed…

Learning to have the correct type of information given to a client before helping them through a session was really good for me to be aware of. There's certain things I hadn't known to say before now such as to mention which muscles whatever exercise uses instead of just feeling like it was obvious. We went through how to actually create a session and there's more thought that goes into it than I knew of but I enjoyed figuring it all out!

Things Emily struggled with…

I did struggle with the second anatomy test which was about principles of exercise. That was slightly harder than our first test but threw me off a little bit. It's not that easy to remember everything you have to say to a client and part of me feels like it flows easier when you just get more experience as it becomes like a routine.

Emily’s highlight of the week…

Passing my practical has got to be the highlight! Small bit of relief almost! I found myself getting a little bit nervous but I know I knew what I was meant to say it was just remembering it all and trying to not miss anything out. We begin level 3 next week so I'm excited to see how it steps up the mark and tests me to soak up even more information!

Search #paireduppts to see what the girls have been up to!


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