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Paired up Pt's

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Hannah Tyldesley


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22 June 2015

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Paired up Pt's

One week in and one to go before these two fitness enthusiasts become Level 2 qualified. Let’s take a look at their highlights, the good the bad and the bite!

Things Hannah struggled with...

The anatomy side has proved continually challenging. My most recent education included the studying of gothic literature and comic books. A slightly different take on science! Although I am passionate about what I'm learning the bombardment of knowledge is a lot to take in and understand.

Another personal struggle for me is juggling my time. During the course I want to ensure I remain doing my job at a high level, whilst also keeping up with my training. This is definitely testing my time management skills.

Things Hannah enjoyed...

Learning about what I LOVE. Yes, I often blab on at those less passionate about fitness pretending I know what I'm talking about... but often I don't. It's all very well exercising and eating right all day everyday but if you don't know the science it's difficult to be right on point and achieve the results you desire.

The practical side. Again this comes down a little to learning what I love but correct form is so important, and often something disregarded by many. Being talked through each basic exercise has been a huge eye opener in learning the effects if not demonstrated and instructed properly.

Hannah’s highlight of the week...

The huge delivery of battle oats bars we received for today's class is certainly up there! Also partaking in classes held at Train Fitness with other students on my course. It has been great to train and engage with so many like-minded people.

Things Emily enjoyed…

Doing our practical work and learning the correct terms including which muscles each piece of apparatus directly works. Refreshing my mind around anatomy with learning more and also enjoying a couple of battle oats bars which they kindly sent into us to enjoy whilst on the course! (Perks!)

Things Emily struggled with…

Always remembering the small detail of what is required to say to a client as a good order of instruction. Also when looking back at all different energy systems, it’s hard to repeat with confidence what happens in the different energy systems.


Emily’s highlight of the week…

This is one that will remain a highlight throughout my weeks with FIE, our tutor Chris. He's so patient and always understanding and really does help everyone. He holds such a great teaching attitude and I respect him.

Looking forward to the next 4 weeks to gain all the knowledge and get closer to my career!

Search #paireduppts to see what the girls have been up to!


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