There is nothing more liberating than working for yourself. Setting up your own Fitness Business is a truly rewarding experience. However, like setting up any business, it requires a considerable amount of hard work and dedication. The Personal Training industry is becoming increasingly competitive. That said, competition should be embraced, as it will force you to create a great service or product that excites you and your target market. Here are 5 tips that will go some way to guaranteeing your success in setting up your own fitness business.

1. Mindset

It all starts with your thoughts and how you view yourself. You must have a high level of confidence. The good thing is, you can develop this. Techniques such as visualisation, affirmations are a great start. Imprinting your subconscious with images of a confident, successful business owner will manifest itself in you taking actions that will serve to guarantee your success. On the flipside, negative thinking about the future, will likely lead to you giving up on reaching success. Challenges are an opportunity to grow. Failures are the only way in which you will learn. Perseverance will lead to your success.

2. Find your niche

Appealing to everyone will make you appeal to no one. You must find a target market and be laser focussed in your approach to providing a service to them. For example, if you know that you want to create body transformation programs for 24-30 year old males living in central London who want a beach body all year round, you can start to create a message to attract this demographic. You will also be able to research where to find this demographic both online and offline and create a marketing strategy to attract them. Finding and defining a niche will make your life as a business owner a lot easier in creating a brand and marketing your service and product.

3. Read

“The difference between where you are today and where you’ll be five years from now will be found in the quality of books you’ve read.” Jim Rohn. Reading books on self development, business and aspects of health and fitness that interest you, will serve to positively impact your mindset and confidence. You will be continually inspired to make your business a success and have a much better picture on how you can achieve success.

4. Invest in your education

“If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room”. It’s worth noting that the fitness industry is young. More and more peer-reviewed, scientific studies are calling into question methods and techniques that have not previously been questioned. Surround yourself with people who will challenge your existing beliefs. Develop an open and curious mind. This will lead you to learn new techniques, methods and approaches. But you have to stay up to date by investing in your education. Attend courses, seminars and read peer reviewed research when you can. Reach out to experts. Look beyond the number of social media followers someone has. Look beyond the reputation of a coach and find out whether or not their courses are backed by science and not the results they’ve achieved. You will survive and thrive in this industry if you are willing to accept that what you “know” now may be disproven in the future.

5. Get a mentor

The most successful entrepreneurs seek council and advice from those who have achieved the success they desire. Who do you admire in the industry? It may even be someone from another industry. Reach out to them. I can guarantee that they will be willing to help you achieve your goals, as they would have benefitted from the same guidance themselves. But remember, it’s a 2 way street and you must seek to add value to the relationship on a long term basis.

Kemo Marriott is the Founder of Holistic Motions. It is an Exclusive Health Coaching company based in Mayfair that serves to give the competitive edge to executives and professionals looking to be at their mental and physical peak.