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T3 v16.6 Out Now!

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General Group Exercise, T3 - Group Exercise & Personal Training Programmes

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7 November 2016

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v16.6 Out Now!

The latest T3 workouts from TRAINFITNESS are now available. The sixth T3 release of 2016 has been designed specifically to help your clients achieve their fitness goals. Check out the v16.6 preview of each of the programmes below.

Big muscle group exercise burns big calories! This is what you’ll get when you combine plank-jump-twisters with power-press-ups to side bridges. Take a big breath, this is going to be tough…

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Your fight-specific work capacity is challenged to the limit in this release. Look out for the pad work complex where knee strikes and punch combos are the flavor of the day.

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Kick-off this release with a pre-exhaustion complex – we are zooming straight in on the arms, shoulders and pecs! Tried a bridging chest press before? Your glutes will thank-you for it later!

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How many ways can you locomote? Let’s find out! This release brings in groundwork and battle rope combos guaranteed to fire up the core and get you sweating, fast!

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Do you know your ABC’s? Or how about IYT’s?! In this release we’ll challenge every muscle within the shoulder complex to provide a complete training stimulus. Fear not however, there is a grueling jump sequence awaiting just around the corner in speed-strength!

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The movement sequence builder in this release has it all – huge amounts of leg musculature activation, a high calorie burn and motion in multiple planes. And remember, you can’t put that kettlebell down until the final rep is done!

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Android App Update Available Now

It has taken us a while but we have finally released the new Android version of the TRAINFITNESS App. This release includes a new design and all the great new features as listed in the iOS version. Read More

To get this update, go to the Google Play store now!

NB: We highly recommend you upgrade to the TRAINFITNESS app and stop using the fitness fx and Fitness Industry Education apps. These apps will cease to work within the next 2 months.




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