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Train Fitness Challenge

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Hannah Tyldesley



Posted On

11 August 2015

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A challenge comes in many forms, but the obvious definition marks something that pushes you past your comfort zone, something that challenges you. People challenge themselves in many forms be it physically, mentally or emotionally and each individual challenge comes with its own set of predicaments. Despite this challenges often help us grow and develop certain skills, because if we didn’t sometimes step out of our own safety we would become bored and complacent. It also allows the individual being challenged the opportunity to learn and become educated. It is for the latter reason that we at Train Fitness have decided to embark upon a series of our own Train Fitness challenges.

And so Train Challenge is born.

The idea originally stemmed from one passion to reveal what it really takes to become a ‘Fitness Model’. The fitness industry is slowly but surely revealing the sheer desperation in so many to achieve peak physique. Once this has been achieved many reach for the next stage which in most cases is to compete. Bikini body/ Bodybuilding competitions require huge commitment to a set lifestyle and also place a significant stress on the body. This is not to say it cannot be done ‘safely’ with the right training and nutrition. Unfortunately many do not have access to this, nor do they have the required knowledge to undergo such a drastic body composition change. At Train Fitness we want to delve deeper into the journey not to shine a negative light on the industry but to educate people on it. The sport itself is not given a huge amount of press due to the negative connotations with illegal substance. However the lengths at which these athletes go to deserves some credit when done correctly. Fitness is this season’s top trend and I think it’s about time someone gave those at the top of their game the limelight they deserve.

This journey is one we are exploring at Train Fitness will come with the help of some of the best in the business. James Fisher, brand executive at Mens Health will be sporting the male side of the challenge, whilst myself, Hannah Tyldesley, social marketer at Train Fitness and one half of TTH will look at the female competition.  Richard Scrivener is both respected and iconic within the industry, and has been known to coach a number of WBFF pro’s, and bikini competitors. Rich will be monitoring all our progress as well as heading up our nutrition and parts of our training. Bryn Ray, ON sponsored athlete and fitness professional will also be offering a hand with our training as well as sessions from Shaun Staffords ‘Fit Book’. All nutrition will be provided by Fresh Fitness Food, London premier nutrition providers, as well as supplements and vitamins by PhD. It is with the help of these experts in the industry that James and I hope to achieve a successful and safe body composition change taking us to a shape that would see us fit to ‘compete’. Despite this the end result of this challenge will be a shoot to show our progress. Competing is something at this stage neither of us wish to partake in.

This project will explore every step of the journey from Caliber testing to Carb cutting. We hope to reveal the best and the worst, as with any sport or challenge it has its downfalls. Each of us will find struggle in different aspects of the prep but we hope to offer an insight into what to expect and how to expect it. Our bodies are incredible machines and ones that should be treated with respect and care, no matter how hard you push them.

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