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Train Fitness Challenge- Fuelling the Challenge

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Hannah Tyldesley


General Fitness, TRAINFITNESS Challenge

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14 September 2015

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There are a number of things that are going to be difficult to get used to when we complete this Comp Prep challenge and return to the real world. We will have to make our own meals for the first time in twelve weeks! Not only have we been hooked up with all the training and guiding advice we need to maximise the effects of the programme, we are also getting fed in the bargain. And if you’ve met either of us you’ll know that food is kind of a big deal in our lives.

No, correction! It’s the biggest

We could not be doing this without the support of the team at Fresh Fitness Food, London’s premium bespoke nutrition service. They are on our case on a daily basis to ensure we’re getting enough of the greens and the grains. Exercise and diet are vital partners in knocking a body into optimum shape and FFF put the most nutritious, flavour-packed meals straight into our mouths. Well, they don’t quite spoon feed us. We have to open the Tupperware containers and place them in a microwave but the daily dishes are delivered straight to our front doors!

Fresh Fitness Food was set up in 2012 by Jared Williams as a result of his passion for honest, healthy and convenient food. That passion was fuelled by a frustration that such a service was not available already, so he started up the business in his own kitchen in Notting Hill. He needed some willpower as well as a lot of expertise because he had a busy professional life in the City to manage alongside the marketing, sales, production and delivery of the food that would change the lives of people on training regimes all across London.

Jared knew he was onto a winner immediately as like-minded athletes and professionals signed up to the service. For the first time they could properly power long days on the traders’ floors or in the High Court in the knowledge that they would still have the energy and fuel to work their sharp-suited butts off in the gym. And so via the carefully prescribed and prepared contents of Fresh Fitness Food’s trademark Tupperware dishes, the company has become the industry leader in providing bespoke nutrition to athletes and ‘wannabe’ athletes.

Like the people they cater for, FFF are driven by results. Each ingredient is calculated and chosen to serve a specific purpose in the client’s aching desire for visible progress. You may think that taste needs to be sacrificed in the quest for the ultimate diet but nothing could be further from the truth. Jared loves his food and insists that his customers do too. Each meal is the creation of a Michelin star trained menu consultant and prepared by a team of highly qualified chefs. If you live or work in London, the food can be delivered to your home, workplace or your destination of choice. It arrives in compact, tamperproof, microwavable containers and is ready to ravish whenever hunger calls. Convenience is vital in today’s busy business world and FFF fits the bill perfectly with its doorstep delivery.

Where would we be without them? Probably half as far into this Train Fitness challenge as we are!

The team at FFF work closely with our coach, Richard Scriverner, to guarantee that each meal is tailored to our particular goals and is ‘stage ready’. James and I are working as a team but you won’t be surprised to learn that we are different shapes and sizes, so two different diets are set for us in order to keep us on track and keep our coach’s mind focussed on our gym work. Our diets continue to develop and change through the course of the challenge to match the inevitable changes to our composition. Currently we are working with figures set on a weekly basis but as ‘Comp Day’ draws closer more regular tweaks to our calorie consumption will be required. Neither Rich nor ourselves need to worry about any of this because the FFF team know exactly when to add or take away from our calorie count.

It’s a perfect partnership. Without correct nutrition no transformation will ever be complete. We can work our bodies to the edge of capacity but if we are not refuelling correctly then we may win the odd battle but the war will be lost. We absolutely count on the expertise of FFF and cannot start to recommend them too highly to anyone else preparing to prep for competition or simply looking to make a real transformation of their shape or strength.

We are really going to miss our yummy Tupperware treats come October!

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