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Train Fitness Challenge- Week 8

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Hannah Tyldesley


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25 September 2015

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Shouldn’t this be getting easier?! Apparently not!! The good news is that we are well past half way now, the bad news is that the last week was another tough one. ‘The Wall’ came back into view and it looked a little higher this time. We needed to return to bad habits to get over it.

I could blame a million things. There was one day without the routine of a Fresh Fitness Food delivery due to an unavoidable slip up, but in all honesty I think the novelty is simply, slowly wearing off. Energy levels have dipped and I’m just starting to long for a little normality.

Turning down offers of food, drink or virtually any form of socialising was a bit of a crusade, a badge of honour for the first 8 weeks, but it’s fast becoming simply a pain. Life is already all about wanting things you cannot have… without creating a brand new list of things you want, can have but decide to do without for the sake of a challenge. Life is also to be enjoyed and I’m doing without some of the stuff I enjoy most right now.

But we are going to see this through, chalk off the last four weeks day-by-day. We have got one more month of challenging both our bodies and mind sets to achieve the desired and necessary physique to be stage ready. That may require a reboot of attitude so that we see this as an opportunity and an experience rather than a trial of willpower. We’ve told ourselves before and we’ll say it again, as far as ‘Comp Prep’ goes we’ve got it pretty good. It’s time we remembered this and set about making the most of the next 4 weeks to achieve what we set out to.

This week’s topic of choice is sweet teeth. A ‘sweet tooth’ is a craving for something yummy. It is a liking for luxury food and is usually considered a sinful weakness even by people with the very sweetest of teeth. For athletes in training, it is generally one of the first things that ‘have to go’. Now, before I go any further I should make it clear that our diet programmers at Fresh Fitness Food do not expressly forbid us from eating sweet treats, and nor does our coach, Richard Scrivener. Both share the belief that if we stick to our macros and maintain a healthy, balanced diet then sweet treats can stay on the FFF menu. After all, many of them contain more nutritious goodness than the average person’s dinner!

Each FFF sweet treat is packed with goodness and fuel to enhance our performance. And, best of all, all of them taste as blissfully good as they look. They are the real deal and contain no nasties. So why do we feel like taking a walk of shame if we taste this unforbidden fruit? Why cannot we allow ourselves the pleasure and enjoyment of something that is proven to do good not harm?

It’s all in the head. Any association with something classified as a treat triggers a guilt in us all. It shouldn’t, but it does. Healthy treats can be enjoyed each and every day. It is the guilt that is unhealthy. But when you are following a strict regime, every sacrifice seems like a triumph and every temptation is something you run away from as fast as you can! Because it is hard to disassociate such deliciousness from traditional fat-filled desserts, it is easier to buy into the guilt trip and make a hero of yourself by saying ‘no’ to it. In the determination to strive for peak performance over and beyond your normal every day existence, it’s easy to forget one thing… we’re only human!

Sugar free/fat free/ calorie free products have hit the jackpot in this day and age because everyone is more aware of the dangers of obesity. Nobody is trying harder to be lean and mean with the calories than athletes and bodybuilders in training. They jump at the chance to enjoy their favourite treats with an added chemical twist that means there is no disruption to their diet and, more importantly, their mind-set. Each ‘low fat’ temptation is cleverly marketed so that calories are masked and taste sweetened to win the over-worked heart of each doubting dieter. And do you know what?... we have fallen for it.

Walden’s Farm just sounds like a healthy place, doesn’t it? But when they line our fridge shelves with their ‘calorie free’ syrups and dips, those shelves practically wobble because they are filled with so many jelly varieties. We don’t care to question what exactly makes them taste and chew the way they do, we just like the idea of healthy farm food that won’t put on a pound. We shall be asking how and why at a later date (blog post to follow), but until then we make a deal with the devil in the name of clever packaging and added sweetener.

We kind of know that it may not be the very healthiest option in body fuel but if it is keeping both our regiment on course and our longings at bay, we tend to go with the flow. There will be a new wonder range on the market tomorrow. If we were to follow and listen to every dietician and opinion under the sun we’d be too scared to eat anything at all so while the challenge continues a ‘whatever works’ attitude keeps us sane.




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