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27 July 2016

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TRAINFITNESS has always led the way with technology in the fitness education sector. We were the first to offer online learning back in 2000, the first to offer digital media within an app for group exercise instructors and personal trainers, and have continued to develop technology-based tools designed to make the life of fitness professionals easier.

We’re very happy to announce the release of our updated iOS App (Version 7). The TRAINFITNESS Mobile Student Desktop sees a number of performance and stability enhancements over the previous fitness fx and Fitness Industry Education apps and, when combined with the new web-based Student Desktop, creates are more integrated and unified user experience.

Great new features in Version 7 include:

Courses now grouped into sections:

As with the web-based Student Desktop, most modules within a course have now been grouped into different sections and qualifications. This allows you to focus on just the parts you need to complete at the time.

Course navigation improvements:

There are now several ways to move around your course. Tapping the for course, for module, or for lesson icons in the top menu allows you to jump back to the part of the course you want to see. Alternatively, using the Back or Home buttons in the menu bar at the bottom also take you to where you want to go.

Lesson Structure PDF:

While you’ve always been able to generate a PDF of the online theory content (Lesson Structure), this is now easily accessible from the bottom menu bar. Just tap the icon to download the lesson structure of the module you’re studying. Once you have the PDF document open, you can view all the sections within a lesson prior to completing the worksheets.

Course Podcasts now in Courses area:

If your course has any podcasts, these have been moved from the media section into the Courses area. You may still download all your podcasts to listen and watch when offline. Tap the icon to view your course podcasts.

eClasses now showing in Courses area:

if you have access to any of the eClass recordings, you will find these also under the Courses section of the app. Tap on the icon in the bottom menu to view the list of eClasses you have access to.

View Choreography Notes and Programme Workout Cards:

If you have subscribed to any of the TRAINFITNESS programmes, you have access to the videos, music and now the choreography notes and/or programme cards from within the app. These are accessible for each release under the Videos tab in the media section.


Of course, all the great features of our previous versions are still included:

  • Study your course from anywhere
  • Complete your course worksheets
  • Book training and assessment days
  • View your results
  • Download and view your eCertificates
  • Listen to course podcasts and watch course videos
  • Watch eClass recordings
  • Access the Help Desk and get support
  • Download your programme videos
  • Download your programme music
  • Make your own playlists

How to get the app

Click Here

If you already have the fitness fx Mobile Student Desktop or the Fitness Industry Education Mobile Student Desktop, you will need to uninstall your current version and then reinstall this new version.

If you don’t follow the above instructions and simply update the fitness fx Mobile Student Desktop, the app may freeze. If this happens, please uninstall the app and download it from the App Store again. We recommend you only update when you have time to download your media again.

And remember, if you’ve been using the fitness fx Mobile Student Desktop, you’re now looking for the TRAINFITNESS app in the App Store. There’s no new fitness fx app.

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