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What is REPs Level 4?

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2 May 2014

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The Register of Exercise Professionals Level system has become a firm part of the fitness industry in the UK and across the world. This system allows organisations to clearly identify the level of education that has been obtained by a fitness professional. There has been a massive growth in interest of personal trainers in obtaining this new and exciting level of qualification, and pushing their knowledge and skill to the next level! Currently the two most popular and actionable level 4 qualifications are Level 4 – Diabetes and Obesity Management and the Level 4 – Low Back Pain Management. These two qualifications seem to be the most in demand by both employers such as the NHS and the clients themselves are crying out for specialist personal trainers who can help them in these two exciting fields.

The Register of Exercise Professionals currently have level 4 standards in the following fields:-

The idea behind this level of qualification is to build on the very broad knowledge gained as part of a standard exercise referral qualification, to take the personal trainer into a narrower field. The exercise specialist is considered to be an expert in the prescription of exercise and physical activity for clients covered by their specific area of speciality. Currently all the standards are mainly related to working with medically referred populations, but this may be changing in the future with a broadening of the standards for level 4.

So why become a level 4 specialist exercise instructor? Well fundamentally it will increase your knowledge in the area of your chosen speciality, this will allow you to get the clients you work with better results and ensure that they are trained appropriately for their medical conditions. The additional qualification will also help you to stand apart from the crowd on a gym floor with still very few fitness professionals being trained up to level 4 standard. Additionally this level of qualification can open a number of doors when considering work within the NHS or various other organisations that promote community based health.

TRAINFITNESS offer’s the Obesity and Diabetes Management (Level 4) and Low Back Pain Management (Level 4), if you could like more information please do get in contact!

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