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  • Written By

    Hazel Goudie


    Children's Fitness

    Posted On

    28 October 2014

    Childhood and adolescent obesity is a growing concern worldwide. The number of overweight and obese children in the UK has doubled in the last two decades, with one in five 15 year olds classed as obese. In 2006, a UK study (National Centre for Social Research) identified that 18.9% of boys and 17.8% of girls aged between 2 and 15 years were classified as obese. In addition to this the same study highlighted that a further 13.7% of boys and 16.3% of girls were overweight. This quantified to 2.3 million obese children in the UK, at the time. Worryingly for the UK, such statistics reveal our children are some of the unhealthiest in Europe. So how can fitness professionals help? It is proven that very few children put on weight because of an underlying medical problem, but actually put on weight because their lifestyle sees a lack of physical activity and an unhealthy diet. Personal Training and Fitness professionals have the potential to be at the forefront to assist in improving this epidemic, by educating parents and helping children be more active. So the main questions are, what are the causes of childhood obesity in the UK and what can we, as fitness professionals, do to help?