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  • Written By

    Monica Linford



    Posted On

    25 November 2013

    For many of us it’s at a “certain age” that exercise with a more mindful approach becomes enormously appealing. The knees all of a sudden are less resilient, the back won’t go where it used to and the hips feel worryingly stiff. In our 20’s, 30’s and maybe even 40’s when many of us enter the fitness and exercise industry as teachers and trainers, this inevitable degeneration just isn’t on the radar. For some of us these physical restrictions begin to lurk in the background and for others it seems to be an “overnight” thing. Whenever it happens “there has to be an easier way” is a thought that begins to percolate to the forefront of the mind. Yoga, Pilates and mind/body fusion exercise suddenly become more appealing choices to safeguard our careers as teachers and trainers.