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Circuit Instruction Course



Circuit instruction is an effective way to add challenge and variety into workouts for groups and classes. Utilising resistance training and high-intensity aerobics, circuit training targets strength building and muscular endurance for ultimate full body conditioning. On this course you'll learn how to plan and deliver circuit sessions in a range of environments and using a variety of equipment.

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Circuit Instruction Course


Circuit Instruction Course



Circuit training is a hugely versatile and adaptable class, enabling you to target a wide variety of participants. This course covers all of the popular circuit training concepts and design layouts.

A popular circuit class is one that focusses on or includes muscular conditioning. This course details the benefits of muscle conditioning and a variety of exercises which can be used for such a goal.

A circuit instructor must be able to work with a multitude of different fitness levels and abilities as well as plan classes to meet the goals of participants. This course includes how to plan circuit sessions to ensure they are safe and effective for everyone.

Many people enjoy circuit classes as exercises are carried out to motivating and popular music. This course covers the structure of music within a class and how to use music effectively by music mapping and working to the phrase of the music.

Courses Dates


Assessment Dates

May 4 - TRAINFITNESS Head Office - London
May 10 - Doug Ellis Sports Centre - Birmingham

May 13 - Village Urban Resort - Birmingham Dudley
May 17 - Village Urban Resort - Leeds South

May 20 - Origins Fitness - Glasgow
May 24 - Bannatynes Health Club - Edinburgh - Main Gym

Jun 1 - TRAINFITNESS Head Office - London
Jun 3 - Waterside Hotel & Leisure Club - Manchester

Jun 28 - Origins Fitness - Glasgow
Jul 9 - TRAINFITNESS Head Office - London

Jul 12 - TRAINFITNESS Head Office - London
Jul 19 - TRAINFITNESS Head Office - London

Jul 29 - Nuffield Twickenham
Aug 16 - TRAINFITNESS Head Office - London

Aug 23 - TRAINFITNESS Head Office - London
Sep 6 - Origins Fitness - Glasgow

Sep 20 - TRAINFITNESS Head Office - London
Sep 27 - TRAINFITNESS Head Office - London

Oct 25 - TRAINFITNESS Head Office - London
Nov 1 - TRAINFITNESS Head Office - London

Nov 15 - Origins Fitness - Glasgow
Nov 29 - TRAINFITNESS Head Office - London

Dec 6 - TRAINFITNESS Head Office - London

Bookings are subject to availability. Dates, venues, start and finish times are subject to change. Please refer to the Course Terms and Conditions for more information.

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