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Olympic weightlifting is an incredibly effective strength training method but often one that is misperformed. On this course you will learn how to instruct clients through to a high level of competency while completing advanced lifts. This is done by studying a range of exercises and breaking down their movement patterns to ensure lifts are clean, safe and effective.

This course is endorsed by the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs).

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Olympic Lifting Course


Olympic Lifting



On this course you will receive a full introduction to Olympic lifting, it's principles and how it has developed over the years. You will then move on to looking at how it is applied in a personal training environment and its utilisation with clients of varying abilities.

You will learn a range of exercises in detail and be given specific coaching points to always be aware of. This includes modified pull exercises, clean exercises, jerk exercises, snatch exercises and more. You will also learn how to instruct each phase individually and how to develop certain parts of the movements with different types of conditioning and practice.

While the focus will be on modified Olympic lifting, for safe instruction you will also cover professional Olympic lifting in detail.

Being complex moves that can be highly stressful on the body it's important as a trainer to know where and how to utilise these techniques safely and effectively. It is also important you're able to break the exercises down to work on improving a clients technical ability and conditioning.

Courses Dates


Training and Assessment Dates

Apr 28 - TRAINFITNESS London
Jun 23 - TRAINFITNESS London

Aug 18 - TRAINFITNESS London
Sep 15 - TRAINFITNESS London

Nov 10 - TRAINFITNESS London

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