Who We Are

TRAINFITNESS delivers transformative education that enables people to lead a life they love as a fitness professional.

Founded in Australia in 1994 as the Institute for Fitness Professionals and relocated to London in 1998, we’re an education technology company focused on fitness culture and careers.

We believe education powers positive change. Our industry-accredited courses and unique approach to learning empowers people to accomplish their goals, whether it’s starting or accelerating their career in fitness.

With human connection at the heart, our full-service training combines an easy-to-use digital learning system, cutting edge content and standout support to deliver an impactful, rewarding learning experience.

We’re self-starters and problem solvers. We see things other don’t and deliver what others can’t.

We’re pioneers, dedicated to creativity and innovation. We walk our own path and embrace the new and the different.

We’re here to help you change lives through exercise.