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T3 High Intensity Interval Training Worksouts

Pre-designed HIIT Workouts

Deliver transformational high intensity interval training sessions

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T3 workouts are 30-minute high intensity interval training sessions that can be delivered by personal trainers, gym and group exercise instructors. T3 sessions feature exercise sequences that are not choreographed to music and which can be performed on the gym floor, in the studio, at home, or outside. T3 is an abbreviation of Train. Track. Transform. – train hard, track your results and transform your body.

There are six different T3 programmes, each of which incorporates six exercise complexes that draw on scientific research to deliver real results in record time. Each T3 programme delivers a pre-designed, eight-week transformation challenge, with changing exercise variables to eliminate training plateaus and to promote continuous improvements.

Although the T3 programmes have been pre-designed (meaning they have been created for you), they incorporate a concept we created called pro-designed programming which allows you – the coach – to adapt and modify the workout, as needed, to the abilities of your clients.

The T3 HIIT Workout course is recognised by the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) and meets the criteria for official ACSM Approved Provider status. Once qualified, you can subscribe to any or all of the T3 programmes and receive the programme updates.

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REPS Independently Endorsed CPD
This course is recognised by REPs
T3 High Intensity Interval Training Programmes

T3 Programmes

HIIT workouts, pre-designed for your convenience

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Innovative bodyweight exercises focused on multi-planar strength and power, engineered to improve power-endurance, work capacity and movement skill.

Martial arts-inspired exercise complexes featuring integrative, metabolic conditioning designed to test aerobic fitness and muscular capacity.

Using weight plates and bar bells, perform dynamic and resisted movement designed to build serious strength-endurance, burn calories and tax anaerobic fitness.

The tri-planar, multi-directional metabolic circuit programmed to define muscle and shred fat using the latest small equipment.

Explosive sport-specific sprint training, blending strength-speed, speed-strength and power-endurance complexes.

Kettlebell programming featuring dynamic 3D exercises designed to promote strength, mobility and muscle endurance.

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Our Learner Support team is available to assist you 7 days a week, by phone, email and Help Desk.

T3 High Intesnity Interval Training Workouts by TRAINFITNESS

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Six innovative HIIT programmes to choose from

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Frequently asked questions

Is the T3 course recognised?

Yes: by REPs, ACSM, ACE and Fitness Australia.

What do I need to attend?

Once you’ve enrolled you can log onto our website and access your Student Desktop. Through it you’ll be able to complete the online course material and, depending on the study option you choose, either book onto a training day or a clinic.

Using the TRAINFITNESS app* you can also do all of this on the move via the Mobile Student Desktop.

If you’ve enrolled on T3 as a standalone course, you’ll need to book onto and attend a two-day T3 clinic which are generally scheduled on weekends. You’ll perform the relevant assessments on the clinic.

If you’ve enrolled on one of our Personal Trainer courses and chosen the Distance study option, you’ll complete as home study the online course material. You’ll then book onto and attend a scheduled T3 assessment day at which you’ll participate in practical tuition and perform the practical assessments.

If you’ve enrolled on one of our Personal Training courses and chosen our Full or Part Time study option, you’ll complete as home study the online course material and attend the scheduled clinic you’ve booked onto. T3 is normally conducted on day 5 of a personal trainer clinic.

You’ll need to download our app* onto your mobile phone or tablet and bring that device with you to access the T3 assessment videos & music tracks (via the app). Please familiarise yourself with the corresponding assessment video tracks.

What are the prerequisites?

A basic level of English and Maths is necessary to understand the content.

As a minimum you’ll hold a Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing, either Gym-based Exercise or Exercise to Music.

The T3 course requires physical exertion and individual participation is essential, therefore a degree of physical fitness is necessary. Relevant personal experience of high intensity interval training is helpful.

What support is available during the T3 course?

Learner Support – As well as the support you receive from your tutor on a scheduled clinic or assessment day, you’ll also have access to our Learner Support team, dedicated to assisting you with study questions and queries. The team is generally available via phone, email or through the Helpdesk Monday to Friday 9:30am to 5:30pm, excluding Bank holidays and office closures.

How do I access my T3 releases once I've subscribed?

The videos, music and programme cards are all available in the TRAINFITNESS app*. You can also access the videos and programme cards on the website after logging in. Go to My Account > My Programme Videos.

New releases will be announced at the time of release and will automatically appear in the app*.

For one-to-one PT, small group training and large group exercise sessions.

Our T3 programmes can be taught anywhere, to any number of participants.

Our rating

We have 837 student reviews and our customer experience rating is 4.8 out of 5

Our reviews are provided by genuine TRAINFITNESS customers and verified by a third- party application. Here are just a few, but feel free to view all reviews.

T3 Instructors

I recently qualified in both personal training and exercise to music with TRAINFITNESS and wanted to complete my T3 qualification as well. It was best decision to do so. Paul was a fantastic tutor and provided excellent insight into the finer details of fitness and the various training systems used by the T3 programmes, all while making the entire experience easy to learn from and very enjoyable.


Arron Gibson did his T3 High Intensity Interval Training Course with TRAINFITNESS

I am recently qualified PT so T3 training was a great experience. Information was delivered very clearly and only practice can improve my own technique of different exercises. It was great to hear examples and little stories from an amazing teacher’s experience and also very beneficial to work with incredible people, learn from their experiences.


Justina Matuleviciute did her T3 High Intensity Interval Training Course with TRAINFITNESS

Just had a fab, fit and fun T3 weekend delivered by Richard Scrivener who taught us in such a fun, action packed but extremely informative way. I’m feeling muscles I never knew I had but the T3 workouts were so adaptive and full of such a range of exercises that we worked hard whilst having fun at the same time. We all loved the way you could do the complexes on your own, with a partner or as a group making it challenging and allowing you to push yourself harder throughout. I’ve loved learning with TRAINFITNESS, the tutors are full of knowledge, approachable and extremely professional with Richard being no different. I look forward to coming back again to further my knowledge and improve my career possibilities.

Natalie Wyatt did her T3 High Intensity Interval Training Course with TRAINFITNESS