Expert Testimonials

When these celbrity personal trainers need new PTs, they call on TRAINFITNESS to provide them graduates.

Dalton Wong Personal Trainer Course TRAINFITNESS
Dalton Wong - Twenty Two Training

Celebrity Personal Trainer: Clients include Jennifer Lawrence, Kit Harrington and Amanda Seyfried

They’re my first choice when looking to employ a trainer.

Twenty Two Training develops unparalleled personal programmes in which exercise, nutrition and lifestyle are synergised to create a holistic, feel-good strategy that meets our clients’ targets. To do this, I need personal trainers who have the right skills and attitude, and TRAINFITNESS personal training graduates always do.

James Duigan PT Course TRAINFITNESS
James Duigan - Bodyism

Celebrity Personal Trainer: Clients include Elle Macpherson, Hugh Grant and Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley

That’s why I recruit personal training graduates exclusively from TRAINFITNESS.

At Bodyism, we are movers and thinkers; inspirers and trailblazers. We’ve created beautiful spaces in London, Maldives, Capri, Turkey where people are listened to and cared for; where health and wellness are a priority. I only employ people with a solid knowledge-base and skill set, and who live and breathe excellence.

Phil Learney PT Courses TRAINFITNESS
Phil Learney- Advanced Coaching Academy

Clients include Dave “Bulldog” Beattie (5X World Powerlifting Champion and World Record Champion) and Laurence Shahlaei (Britain’s Strongest Man)

TRAINFITNESS is the only provider of personal training qualifications the ADVANCED COACHING ACADEMY recommends.

TRAINFITNESS gives you the essential qualifications you need to begin your career in the personal training industry. What makes TRAINFITNESS standout is their level of teaching and overall student care.