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Choose What You'd Like to Specialise In

We embrace the uniqueness of each student and work with you to help you become the best personal trainer you can be.Our curated Specialist Diplomas provide in-demand career paths and include the relevant Practitioner Diploma, plus additional level 2, 3 and or 4 qualifications specific to your career goals.

Choose the Specialist Diploma that’s focused on the area you want to specialise in.

Nutrition & Exercise Specialist Diploma

Explore the realms of nutrition and exercise with our Nutrition & Exercise Specialist Diploma.

Gain the expertise to offer nutritional guidance to clients aiming for weight management and enhanced athletic performance. Dive into exercise science subjects including functional programme design, movement screening and posture assessment, as well as outdoor training and essential business skills.

From £1599 or £55 per month

Women's Health & Exercise Specialist Diploma

Acquire the skills to make a positive difference in women’s lives through exercise and nutrition with our Women’s Health & Exercise Specialist Diploma.

Explore subjects including anatomy and physiology, programme design and delivery, coaching models, outdoor training, and essential business skills. Additionally, you’ll specialise in training ante and postnatal clients.

From £1599 or £55 per month

Strength & Conditioning Exercise Specialist Diploma

Originally designed for athletes but now widely utilised in sports and general fitness, strength and conditioning involves choosing and developing exercises to enhance physical performance.

With our Strength & Conditioning Exercise Specialist Diploma, you’ll gain advanced knowledge and specialised techniques to optimise performance, enhance strength, power and speed, and design innovative training programmes.

From £1599 or £55 per month