Influencer Testimonials

We've trained some of the industry's most well known fitness influencers & bloggers. Read about their experience at TRAINFITNESS

Zanna Van Dijk

Freelance personal trainer, fitness model and blogger

No single day was the same, and we had a lot of fun!

TRAINFITNESS tutors are so helpful and supportive that they felt more like friends by the end of the course! There is a large amount of information to get through but the tutors do a great job of teaching it efficiently in a short period of time. There was a good mixture of both theory and practical work that meant no single day was the same, and we got to have a lot of fun in the gym too! After my great experience with TRAINFITNESS. I highly recommend them as a company to complete your personal training qualifications.

Alex Buckley PT Course TRAINFITNESS
Alex Buckley

Instagram’s The Lean Lawyer

I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to fully recommend TRAINFITNESS.

I am currently in Australia and TRAINFITNESS have been able to offer the flexibility I required, giving me the ability to study here while I travel before doing the assessments back in London to qualify as a personal trainer.

TRAINFITNESS offered an amazing price for their Level 3 personal training distance study course. Throughout my search I didn’t find anything that could beat this price, especially given the quality of the course they offer. As I am studying via distance learning I access all of the course content on the really handy TRAINFITNESS app. I download all the content I need and then I can access it wherever I am, even without internet. The course is delivered in a variety of ways, using podcasts, text, diagrams and images which keeps the material engaging.

Since I’ve started the course I have been offered support and received emails to check in on how I’m getting on. The content is really accessible and the price really is unbeatable. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to fully recommend TRAINFITNESS.

Poppy Cross Personal Trainer Course TRAINFITNESS
Poppy Cross


The personal trainer course has enhanced the way I train.

TRAINFITNESS teach you to a very high standard to ensure you breeze through the exams. I was so inspired by my teacher Katie’s level of expertise, which motivated us all to exceed the expectations of the exam requirements and set ourselves an even higher standard.

If you’re interested in fitness and nutrition I’d say DO THIS COURSE! There’s really no downside to being more knowledgeable and it’s incredibly motivating and inspiring. It’s enhanced the way I train and got me to focus on short, medium and long term goals – which you’ll learn is super important when it comes to continuing to improve your fitness and health!

Tashi Personal Training Course TRAINFITNESS
Tashi Skervin


It is my responsibility to give sound advice and to do that is through further studying

My love for health and fitness is undeniable, you can find it sprinkled all over my blog and it’s a part of my identity. I’ve worked in the industry for almost 2 years and now I find myself starting another journey in the world of fitness and I will be doing my Level 3 personal training course with TRAINFITNESS.

In an ideal world I’d have enrolled on a 4 week intensive course but, due to my working commitments, I’m studying online with the distance study option. After months of deliberating, I decided to enrol on a personal training course so that I can create content that shows people how to exercise in the most innovative way. I am going to rid the world of boring exercises, one bicep curl at a time! As a fitness blogger and influencer, it is my responsibility to give you sound advice and the best way for me to do that is through further studying.

Emily Furey Personal Training Courses
Emily Furey

Health & Fitness Influencer

I absolutely loved the tutors.

At TRAINFITNESS I absolutely loved the tutors. They would help you with anything you needed and urged you to ask questions when you were unsure or whether you were too nervous to say during class hours in front of people you didn’t know. Another thing which I found great was the COURSE structure. Yes, it was really tough, but they knew how to help you through each module. I’d definitely recommend.

Hannah Rose Cluley Personal Training Course TRAINFITNESS
Hannah Rose Cluley

Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher and Fitness Blogger

I’ve come out of TRAINFITNESS ready to take on clients.

The main thing I loved about studying with TRAINFITNESS is the extra advice all the teachers gave. They each had their own experience and their own stories and advice and it was all extremely valuable to me as someone who was looking to become a PT once qualified. I feel so ready to step into the world of personal training and fitness instructing and that’s all down to the teachers at TRAINFITNESS and their advice.

I would 100% recommend going with TRAINFITNESS . I am so glad I decided to. The centre is in a great location in London, I made some amazing friends and have come out with not only a qualification but also with plenty of applicable and relevant knowledge.

Chessie King Personal Trainer Courses TRAINFITNESS
Chessie King

Personal Trainer & Fitness Influencer

I loved doing the intensive course.

It was incredible. The mix of the theory and practical was perfect. The support was amazing and I loved doing the intensive course.

Steph Elswood

Personal Trainer and Fitness Influencer

I learnt so much from the tutors, they were amazing!

It was so nice to be in an environment with like-minded people that have similar goals and values to my own. The training was intense. I learnt a lot from my tutor but also from the other students. Everyone had such a diverse way and views and I loved learning how other people enjoyed training.