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The Power of Rhythem with Exercise to Music
17 Aug, 2023 • Group Exercise /

The Power of Rhythm with Exercise to Music

We are constantly seeking innovative ways to elevate our clients’ exercise experiences and improve their results. One such tool where research has always shown positive results is the incorporation of music into workout routines. The marriage of exercise and music is not just about creating an enjoyable atmosphere; it has…

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Blog Banner Hiit
22 Jun, 2023 • Group Exercise / Personal Training /

HIIT: Getting Results Fast

HIIT: Getting Results Fast High intensity interval training (HIIT) is an increasingly popular form of exercise that has gained a reputation for delivering dramatic results in a short amount of time. Numerous studies support HIIT’s effectiveness for rapid improvements in fitness, fat loss, and cardiovascular health. One key advantage of…

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What are the benefits of circuit training
24 Mar, 2023 • General Fitness / Group Exercise /

What are the Benefits of Circuit Training

UPDATED 24th March 2023 Circuit training is a form of training where participants rotate through a number of stations, performing different exercises to time or repetitions, back to back, with minimum rest periods until the circuit is completed. There are various ways of constructing a circuit, but they would normally…

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Group yoga session lead by Yoga Instructor
20 Jan, 2023 • Group Exercise /

How to Succeed as a Yoga Teacher

As a yoga instructor, what do you want to achieve? Here are some ideas to speed up the process of achieving professional success and personal satisfaction. Develop Your Yoga Expertise Every industry has experts, and yoga is no exception. Expert yoga teachers are equipped with the abilities to work with…

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Women Performing Pilates on Floor Mats
20 Jan, 2023 • Group Exercise /

How to Succeed as a Pilates Instructor

What goals do you have as a Pilates instructor? If your response is to build a successful practice that fulfils and rewards both you and your clients, here are some ideas to accelerate your goal-achievement process. Develop Your Pilates Skills Every field has experts, and Pilates is no different. Expert…

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Exercise to Music coaches rehearsing choreography
20 Jan, 2023 • Group Exercise /

How to Succeed as an Exercise to Music Instructor

What are your goals for teaching exercise to music classes? Here are some suggestions for accelerating the process of finding both career success and personal fulfilment. Build Your Group Exercise Expertise All professions have experts and exercise to music is no exception. Expert exercise to music instructors are able to…

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Circuit Training Exercises - Creative Circuits
21 Nov, 2021 • Group Exercise /

Circuit Training Exercises – Creative Circuits

Circuit classes have been around for some time and are nothing new, appearing on most exercise class timetables worldwide. Whilst it’s difficult to pinpoint their origin, they are said to have been developed by R.E. Morgan and G.T. Anderson in 1953 at the University of Leeds. Although well established, the…

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Learn about our indoor cycling instructor training
4 Oct, 2018 • Group Exercise / Personal Training /

Learn About Our Indoor Cycling Instructor Training

What is Indoor Cycling? Indoor cycling sometimes known as “spinning” is a form of group exercise typically with classes of 15-20 people. These classes are generally set to music, moving to the beat/rhythm of the selected playlist. They are tough and will get your heart rate up and are an…

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How to become a Fitness Instructor
27 Sep, 2017 • Group Exercise /

How to Become a Fitness Instructor

Personal trainer, group exercise trainer, fitness instructor, gym instructor. With a myriad of titles, it’s easy to get lost when looking at a career in the health and fitness industry. How many roles, positions and job titles have you come across in your searches for a training provider? Have you…

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How to deliver a great group exercise class
21 Sep, 2017 • Group Exercise /

How to Deliver a Great Group Exercise Class

Preparation – Dedication – Organisation – Professionalism Choreography Impressions Time Keeping & Professionalism Delivery Technique After the final bell Being prepared to deliver a class is as important as actually delivering the class. A failure to prepare is only going to lead to an unhappy ending.  We asked Katy Moore,…

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