For fitness professionals and parents alike, identifying tools to establish smooth transitions from wakefulness to sleep for children is crucial. A recent pilot study offers insightful preliminary results on utilising yoga-based bedtime routines to enhance child sleep and potentially alleviate household chaos, an aspect that’s worth considering for a comprehensive approach to children’s development, learning, and behaviour.

Fostering Tranquil Bedtimes with Yoga

A pilot study conducted in 2023 and published in SportRXiv, probed the potential of a yoga-based bedtime routine in children aged 2-5 years and their parents, evaluating its feasibility and preliminary effectiveness in comparison to a bedtime story control group. Results suggest a bedtime yoga routine is not only feasible for families of young children but might also offer slight advantages over a story-based bedtime routine.

A Direct Impact on Sleep and Household Environment

Engaging in a yoga-based bedtime routine has shown improvements in survey-based measures of sleep and potentially in reducing household chaos. The practice of yoga, renowned for reducing sympathetic activation and fostering parasympathetic activation, could directly influence the transition from alertness to sleep, making it a significant element in a child’s bedtime routine.

Mitigating Chaos and Enhancing Sleep Quality

Despite some variability in the results regarding household chaos (CHAOS score), a larger decrease in the score was observed with more yoga sessions, emphasising that an organised, quiet environment is vital for reducing parent stress and child arousal, which consequently promotes peaceful interactions between parent and child. Intriguingly, even without a stark change in the measurable actigraphic sleep measures amongst children or parents, survey measures of sleep quality displayed an enhancement in both control and intervention periods.

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The Vitality of Routines in Family Dynamics

The study reiterates the vital role of routines in family life, especially during bedtime – a moment that naturally favours nurturing care and establishes a tranquil environment conducive to sleep. While yoga may present a beneficial tool for facilitating reduced cognitive and physiological arousal in children, the practicality of engaging a child in structured yoga, especially when already highly aroused, remains a consideration.

Enhancing Parent-Child Interaction

Bedtime routines involving parental presence, such as bath, massage, or yoga, are associated with enhanced child sleep quality and quantity and decreased child arousal. This positive interaction not only fosters a stronger parent-child bond but also potentially reduces the overall arousal in the household, offering a serene ambiance.

Strengths, Limitations, and Future Aspirations

Although insightful, the small sample size of the study is a notable limitation. Nevertheless, it yields foundational data that underscores the potential benefits of a yoga-based bedtime routine, spurring interest and foundation for further research, especially those incorporating physiological arousal measurements to deeply understand the mechanism of action.

A Step Towards Holistic Child Development

The preliminary support for yoga as an impactful element in children’s bedtime routines opens up a promising avenue for fitness professionals, especially those working with children and families. Implementing yoga-based bedtime routines could potentially carve a pathway towards improved sleep, enriched parent-child interactions, and an overall harmonious household environment. While these findings await validation through more extensive research, they indeed shine a light on yoga as a worthwhile exploration in the pursuit of enhanced child wellness and family dynamics.


  1. Emily Guseman, Lauren Cea, Crystal Brooks, Jonathon Whipps, Brandon Wilkins. A routine within a routine: can bedtime yoga improve sleep for the whole family? SportsRXiv 2023 Click here to review the full research article 

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