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The team of personal training and fitness professionals at TRAINFITNESS post regular articles with news and updates about the fitness industry. Our news and articles offer a great resource for all fitness professionals, from Personal Trainers, Group Exercise Instructors, Pilates and Yoga Teachers, or anyone interested in teaching any aspect of fitness.


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6 things you should know about fitness qualifications
28 Jul, 2021 • General Fitness /

UK Fitness Qualifications – The Ultimate Guide

11 mins read

If you’ve talked to people at the gym or done a quick Google search for UK fitness qualifications, you can often end up with more questions than answers. Don’t worry though – at TRAINFITNESS, we’ve been delivering personal trainer courses and fitness qualifications for over 20 years, and we’ve supported…

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How to make a good income as a Personal Trainer
15 Jul, 2021 • General Fitness / Personal Training /

How to Make a Good Personal Trainer Income

14 mins read

So you’ve just finished your course and are now fully qualified. It’s time to start your new career as a personal trainer, but you’re wondering how you can grow your business, gain new clients and increase your earning potential in the fitness industry. It can be quite a daunting task…

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Personal Trainer additional income
8 Jun, 2021 • Personal Training /

Personal Training – The Perfect Fitness Side Hustle

6 mins read

For many TRAINFITNESS graduates, being a personal trainer or fitness professional is not a full-time role – it’s their fitness side hustle. A side hustle runs alongside full-time employment but relates more closely to your passions and brings greater job satisfaction as well as additional income. A side hustle can…

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26 May, 2021 • General Fitness /

Airthings for Business and Rensair Are Put to the Test

Airthings for Business and Rensair air purifier helps TRAINFITNESS to understand and improve their indoor air quality and reduce particulate matter. Businesses looking to optimize the quality of their indoor air often consider air purification systems and their efficacy. If a business can calculate air quality with an operating air…

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starting your PT business
5 May, 2021 • Personal Training /

Tips for Starting your Health and Fitness Business

5 mins read

Entering the health and fitness industry can be daunting, but ultimately rewarding. The fitness & personal training industry is always changing, especially post-pandemic. There has been a huge shift towards virtual training and health clubs are now looking for more qualified personal trainers than ever before. Here are some tips…

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