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Outdoor Fitness Course at TRAIN Fitness



This Level 3 award in outdoor fitness is the ideal qualification for any personal training looking to conduct exercise outside the gym environment. Many clients, particularly during summertime, love to train outdoors. This qualification will teach you everything you need to know about doing so, from safety consideration through to advanced exercises. Training clients outdoors can also lower gym rent overheads considerably.

Signing up is simple: please fill in our  online application or call us. Once your application has been accepted, you’ll gain instant access to your course materials so that you can get started as soon as you like.

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Outdoor Fitness Course


Outdoor Fitness Course



Training outdoors can pose a number of concerns to health and safety that will not have been covered for the gym environment. It is important that all trainers who wish to train outdoors are aware of the potential dangers and take the necessary precautions to avoid them.

There are a number of types of training that you can complete outdoors from bodyweight hypertrophy sessions to speed drills and flexibility. During this course you will explore a wide range of training sessions that can be completed outdoors.

Programming exercise outdoors is slightly different to gym based exercise but can often allow more flexibility. To help maximise your sessions this course will cover programming outdoor exercise and looks at how you can utilise your environment in the best way possible.

With a number of different programming options we will also cover exercises and equipment that may be useful. These include advanced bodyweight exercises, flexibility exercises, hand weights, resistance bands, Swiss balls, GymStick and others!

Training outdoors lends itself perfectly to group exercise sessions. For trainers who are more used to an enclosed training environment it can be a learning curve to cater to the needs of a group. During this part of the course we go through everything you will need to conduct fun, efficient and effective group sessions and classes.

Gyms provide the perfect marketing environment to pick up new clients. However, if you're training people outdoors you may have to take a slightly different approach to picking up clients. Group sessions can be a useful asset for doing this but during the course we will cover a variety of different tools and techniques.

Courses Dates


Assessment Dates

Apr 25 - TRAINFITNESS Head Office - London
May 9 - TRAINFITNESS Head Office - London

May 12 - Doug Ellis Sports Centre - Birmingham
May 19 - Village Urban Resort - Leeds South

May 20 - TRAINFITNESS Head Office - London
May 20 - Village Urban Resort - Birmingham Dudley

May 26 - Bannatynes Health Club - Edinburgh - Main Gym
Jun 3 - Origins Fitness - Glasgow

Jun 5 - TRAINFITNESS Head Office - London
Jun 10 - Waterside Hotel & Leisure Club - Manchester

Jun 30 - Origins Fitness - Glasgow
Jul 14 - TRAINFITNESS Head Office - London

Jul 16 - TRAINFITNESS Head Office - London
Jul 21 - TRAINFITNESS Head Office - London

Aug 5 - Nuffield Twickenham
Aug 18 - TRAINFITNESS Head Office - London

Aug 25 - TRAINFITNESS Head Office - London
Sep 8 - Origins Fitness - Glasgow

Sep 22 - TRAINFITNESS Head Office - London
Sep 29 - TRAINFITNESS Head Office - London

Oct 27 - TRAINFITNESS Head Office - London
Nov 3 - TRAINFITNESS Head Office - London

Nov 17 - Origins Fitness - Glasgow
Dec 1 - TRAINFITNESS Head Office - London

Dec 8 - TRAINFITNESS Head Office - London

Bookings are subject to availability. Dates, venues, start and finish times are subject to change. Please refer to the Course Terms and Conditions for more information.

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