It’s 5.30 pm and it’s Winter. Seems like the middle of the night, right? It is dark and dismal, temperatures are in the low numbers and so is motivation. Even the most fanatically fitness-minded amongst us are struggling to get up for getting up out of our chairs. And if you can’t get excited about the prospect of moving your toned ass, what are the chances of your clients being incentivised? If you called them to cancel the session, they would probably thank you for it. But we are not going to do that, are we?!

When winter casts its shadow over our flagging early evening drive, it is the first task of the trainer to find the ‘go’ to pass on to our customers. If you find yourself fancying a ‘cuppa’ and a cosy blanket rather than burpees and a barbell, your clients will follow you into hibernation!

Sometimes it is not the exercise that is the tough part for tired office workers and city boys, it’s just getting out the door, booking the session and braving the great outdoors that is the real struggle. That is when it is up to you to step up and inspire your clientele to face the toughest training months of the year with a fresh determination.

We’ve lined up a few top tips on how to achieve that!

1. Nothing helps motivate like an end goal. Set your clients a new challenge, a new target. Better still, encourage them to book an event, a night out or even a holiday. Having something to work towards will keep them on track and on course to be at their best for it!

2. Change things up! Keep your sessions interesting by introducing new exercises and with this new rhythms and routines. A change is as good as a rest. Surprise them, offer extra fun in the different types of training you offer.

3. Be more flexible. Offer the option of shorter sessions or alternative timings to their usual slot. Christmas is a busy time of year and often exercise can tumble to the bottom of the priority list, so make things as simple and accessible as possible so as to leave no room for excuses.

4. Encourage regulars to bring a friend! Offer your client a special price for a training partner or two to join in your session. Not only do you give them an extra reason to keep their appointment, you can showcase your talents to new customers. Make it social, make it a gathering. Two fees are better than one!

5. Offer a little bit more than a good sweat. Take an interest in their lifestyle and nutrition. Ask them to drop by and watch one of your classes. Give them a little seasonal present, a thank you for staying loyal and keeping motivated despite the arctic conditions.

By following these handy tips, you can think outside the box and hopefully keep your clients sweet through ‘til the spring. Remind them that summer bodies are made in the winter months.